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This picture got the liberals all excited over the weekend. Afterall, here’s a “Republican” publicly denouncing “his party” in the midst of a liberal protest. Just one problem. The guy is a Democrat… and has been for a while. (hat tip: Wizbang) He also did this back in February.

His wife is Executive Director of Compton Foundation. They fund all kinds of leftist causes (including the “September 11th Families for a Peaceful Tomorrow“)

Then there’s this picture, plastered on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle. (hat tip: Zombie) The “hoped to convey a positive message about the rally — perhaps that even politically aware teenagers were inspired.” But look at the “anatomy of a photograph” for the truth behind the girl, the photo and the cause.

The group is dressed like terrorists, waving Palestinian flags and signs with vulgarities… and being led by a handler wearing a shirt depicting the flag of communist Vietnam.

The truth ain’t so pretty.

They can’t tell people the truth about their positions, their causes or their beliefs. So they have to alter the perception of reality to get people to buy their bullshit. Only the ignorant are buying, and fortunately they’re outnumbered.

Update: Apparently the San Francisco Chronicle doesn’t like to be called out on its bias. (see the update at the bottom of Zombie’s page).

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