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Hillary and the gang are begging (hat tip: He!d!) Department of Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff to issue a formal invitation for immigrants illegal aliens to partake in the federal free money fiesta brought about by other destructive blowhards known as Katrina and Rita.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has joined with fellow Senate Democrats in urging the Department of Homeland Security to issue a formal statement reassuring immigrant victims of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina that they can seek help from relief agencies without fear of deportation or being turned over to immigration authorities.

How ’bout we grant them the “relief” of a free trip back home.

Some in the Gulf Coast�s immigrant communities will no doubt be too afraid to seek assistance as they evacuate or look for shelter if they believe they might be deported as a result.

Apparently the fear of INS isn’t strong enough to prevent them from illegally coming here and continually mooching off Americans in the first place. How ’bout they evacuate themselves right on back home… then everyone wins.

Officials in Mexico estimate that 145,000 Mexicans alone may have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Interesting how Mexican officials would be able to estimate the numbers. Hopefully they’ve been “displaced” back to their legal homes. If I break into someone else’s house and then get run out at gunpoint, can I ask for federal assistance? Can I get assurances from my Senators that I’ll be provided for without fear of prosecution?

Many of these immigrants are undocumented…

“Immigrants are undocumented” is like saying burglars are simply “houseguests who are univited”.

To date, we have not received a response to our letter.

Maybe Chertoff’s staff hasn’t stopped laughing long enough to draft one.
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