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Rangel-ing With Hypocrisy
October 6th, 2005 10:43 am

Sometimes these guys just make this too easy (hat tip: ST). Apparently Charlie Rangel’s claiming to be offended by remarks made by Dick Cheney… which were in response to Rangel’s remarks about Cheney.

Cheney said:

“I�m frankly surprised at his comments. It almost struck me _ they were so out of line, it almost struck me that there was some _ Charlie was having some problem … Charlie is losing it, I guess.” He added to his criticism later in the day in an interview with conservative radio talk show host Sean Hannity. “I don�t know what I did to offend him, but he�s gotten pretty nasty lately�. I think Charlie is a lot older than I am, and it shows,” said the vice president.

Rangel’s response:

Months of verbal attacks from Rangel turned into a back and forth on Monday when the 64-year-old vice president said Rangel is “losing it,” later adding that “Charlie is a lot older than I am, and it shows.” After an appearance at City Hall on Wednesday, Rangel was asked when the dispute would die.

“I think it ends when he apologizes for attacking me as a senior citizen. It�s true that I�m much older than he is, but that has nothing to do with mental alertness,” Rangel said. …

“The fact that he would make a crack at my age, he ought to be ashamed of himself,” Rangel said. “He should look so good at 75.”

Ashamed of himself for making a “crack at your age”? Mr. Rangel, if age isnt’t the problem with your mental alertness, then what explains the fact you apparently forgot you said just a few days ago?

On Friday evening, Rangel was asked in a follow-up talk on the station if he thought Cheney should step down. “He should never have stepped up in the first place,” Rangel said. “He�s too old for the job and doesn�t have the experience.”

What were you saying about “cracks about age”, Mr. Rangel?
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