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I mean seriously, the wackos they source for stories

Student’s Suicide

Sets Off Explosion
Of Theories by Blogs
October 13, 2005; Page B1

…Many of the bloggers who have commented on the case said they were made suspicious by the involvement of the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force in the investigation, as well as by the authorities’ swift dismissal of a terrorist connection. “It leads me to believe that there’s some sort of concerted effort to keep this quiet as long as possible,” says Jason Smith, a legal consultant outside Houston who blogs as Texas Rainmaker…
Ok, so I’m tooting my own horn. Sue me. Now if they could only learn to quote accurately, that would even be better. The interview came off as them trying to excuse their own lack of coverage of an obvious public interest and newsworthy event. The questions I was asked were mostly leading and mostly geared towards helping them prove their theory that those of us following this story are casting wild speculations at best and outright lies at worse.

When they did ask me if I thought it was part of islamic terrorism, I said I didn’t have any way of knowing that. When they asked why I didn’t think the official story made sense, I responded, “Even if you discount 90% of the speculative facts in this case and just looked at the handful of proven facts — like his use of the body-strapped bomb, his inquiry into the purchase of ammonium nitrate, his proximation to a packed stadium, the fact the FBI and Joint Terrorism Taskforce were leading the investigation and the fact the search warrants were sealed — it appears there is a story to be covered that isn’t.”

He asked me to speculate on why the story wasn’t being covered, I said, “hell, I don’t know, why don’t YOU tell me… YOU’RE the one not covering it.” I told him that maybe a case of the political correctness heebie jeebies had gotten the best of the reporters and they were all just afraid of covering a story that might actually point to something bigger and more organized and implicate certain segments of the public the PC-reporters didn’t want to alienate. I said maybe it was political correctness that was leading to a concerted effort (among the media) to not report the obvious as it might lend credence to the threats we really do face everyday, something they’d like to keep quiet as long as possible. I tossed in a side comment that maybe the reporters just didn’t want to give Bush any speech material to boost ratings, but he apparently didn’t like that well enough to quote.
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