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The BOOMer Sooner IV
October 16th, 2005 6:18 pm
Suddenly there’s a suicide note. (hat tip: Mark) If it’s the real deal, it would seem to be the end of this case and the speculation that the suicide bombing was terror-related… or would it? Mark has alot of good questions, like:

- if the message was a single line of text, why can’t the father remember it?
- why did the Feds wait over 2 weeks to reveal the existence of the note?
- why is the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force still on the case?
- what was so important to keep from the public and the media in the search warrant that required it to be sealed?

I’d like to know the answers as well. In addition:

- Hinrichs’s bomb exploded at 8:00pm, his roommate wasn’t arrested until midnight, that’s a gap of at least 4 hours the computer was potentially available for the roommate (or anyone else) to access it.

- It still doesn’t explain why Hinrichs inquired about purchasing ammonium nitrate just days before the bombing. If he had “an interest in explosives since he was a boy” surely he would’ve known how powerful ammonium nitrate could be in a bomb… and therefore could assume a bomb made with such might harm others in the area of an explosion.

- And what about this from an article few days after the bombing:

Hinrichs said his son did not leave a suicide note and that FBI agents told him hydrogen peroxide was used to construct the bomb.

Why did the father say there was no suicide note? By then, the FBI had searched the apartment and spoken with the dad. (They told him about the bomb components) The only logical explanation would be that they found the note and didn’t tell him about it (why?) or they hadn’t seen it yet (though it was on the computer screen and wouldn’t have been hard to find)…

UPDATE: Maybe this is why Hinrichs’ father said there was no note: The Tulsa News reported on October 4 that “Hinrichs says he told the FBI his son was disengaged from politics and says agents told him they did not find a suicide note.”

Things still don’t quite add up, and I’m going to wait to hear and see more before I deem this case closed.

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