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Yesterday, reporter Nolan Clay told us OU suicide bomber Joel Hinrichs had left a suicide note. This story was surely intended to close the speculation on the case, though its real effect was to spur more questions.
Today, Nolan Clay reports that OU President David Boren has announced that the University will pass out emergency evacuation plans to all fans at Saturday’s game. Boren also included an advisement that fans should come “to the game a little earlier since searches at the gates will be particularly thorough.”

Why? Wasn’t Hinrichs just a simple suicide? Why all the extra precautions in the wake of a lonely kid who decided “to just quit living“?

The article goes on to say:

The FBI has been investigating. FBI officials have said they may never know if the troubled student tried or intended to get inside the stadium.

Why would that matter if he was just taking his own life, and didn’t intend to harm others?

The article goes into further details of the evacuation plan, including where to exit, helping others, and exiting in a controlled manner. It ends with a quote from President Boren:

“Your saftey while on the OU campus will always remain our top priority.”

One would hope. But why the need to repeat such a line in the wake of a “simple student suicide”?

It’s quite interesting how OU is “responding” to “just a suicide”.

Update: Is the University of Texas fearful of lonely students deciding to quit living, too? (h/t: BlancoBrawler)

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