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More on the Plame Non-Story
October 29th, 2005 1:40 am

Joe Wilson is going to go on 60 Minutes Sunday to continue his parade of lies. Apparently he thinks everyone should have more than just 15 minutes of fame. He’s probably got marching orders from the DNC to try and go in for the kill now that Rove has “escaped” indictment.

Joe Wilson, whose wife’s unmasking as a CIA agent is at the center of the special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation, said today that that his wife, Valerie Plame, has been threatened. Wilson talks to Ed Bradley in his first interview since Fitzgerald announced the indictment of I. Lewis Libby. It will be broadcast on 60 MINUTES Sunday Oct. 30 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

“There have been specific threats [against Plame]. Beyond that I just can�t go,� Wilson tells Bradley. Wilson says he and his wife have discussed security for her with �several agencies.”

Former CIA colleagues say that by revealing her identity, harm could be caused to the CIA’s agents and operations. “If a CIA agent is exposed, then everyone coming in contact with that agent is exposed,” says Jim Marcinkowski, a former CIA agent who trained with Plame at the top-secret Virginia facility known as “the Farm. There is a possibility that there were other agents that would use that same kind of a cover. So they may have been using Brewster Jennings just like her,” said Marcinkowski, referring to the fictional firm the CIA set up as her cover that also came out when journalists, including Robert Novak, disclosed it.

Again, if her cover was blown intentionally by someone in the administration, you can bet we would’ve seen such a charge resulting from Fitzgerald’s 2 year investigation. But the absence of such a charge shows that either there was no leak or she was not undercover. Since there is no question Valerie Plame Wilson was discussed between officials and journalists, the only conclusion to reach is that she was not a covert agent at the time.

And Joe Wilson wasn’t secret about his wife’s “other name” - Valerie Plame. He lists it on his bio for CPSAG. And they didn’t hesitate to pose for photos to show the world what the “undercover agent” looked like.

If the damage arises from tying Wilson-Plame to the CIA front company, Brewster-Jennings, there’s only one person to thank for that… Valerie E. Wilson. She listed Brewster-Jennings as her employer when she donated $1,000 to Al Gore on April 22, 1999. Not really the best way to keep things under wraps is it? (She listed herself as “retired” when she donated to the 527 group and election fraud perpetrators America Coming Together (”ACT”) last year)

But even Bob Woodward contradicts Wilson’s 60 Minutes assertion about the alleged damage:

They did a damage assessment within the CIA, looking at what this did that Joe Wilson’s wife was outed. And turned out it was quite minimal damage. They did not have to pull anyone out undercover abroad. They didn’t have to resettle anyone. There was no physical danger to anyone and there was just some embarrassment.

So who is lying?

Wilson continues:

Wilson tells Bradley, contrary to reports that many knew Plame was in the CIA, that only he and three other people knew. “Well, very few people outside the intelligence community [knew she was CIA]. Her parents and her brother, essentially,” says Wilson.

But according to her former boss:

A former CIA covert agent who supervised Mrs. Plame early in her career yesterday took issue with her identification as an “undercover agent,” saying that she worked for more than five years at the agency’s headquarters in Langley and that most of her neighbors and friends knew that she was a CIA employee.

“She made no bones about the fact that she was an agency employee and her husband was a diplomat,” Fred Rustmann, a covert agent from 1966 to 1990, told The Washington Times.

Again who’s lying?

Considering Joe Wilson has been shown to be a liar already, I think that credibility is an issue for him at this point.

This story was originally designed to be a way for anti-Bush and antiwar folks to assail the premises for the war in Iraq. It has failed.
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