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One Year Ago
November 2nd, 2005 12:06 am

I was enjoying the results behind enemy lines in Philadelphia, PA as a volunteer for the Republican National Committee’s 72 Hour Legal Task Force. I was on a plane back to Houston when Kerry finally conceded his losing cause. But I was fortunate enough to land just in time to watch Bush’s acceptance speech with fellow LTF members who’d traveled with me to Philadelphia… at a bar inside George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Where were you?

Matt was in New Hampshire knocking on doors all morning and afternoon, and at an election party in the evening.

Nicole was an RNC 72 Hour LTF volunteer who was “freezing in Michigan”. But she puts her sacrifice in context, “One cold day was better than a four-year winter with Kerry in the White House!” - Amen.
LaShawn notes the beginning of liberal mourning and despite not gloating about the victory doubts she would’ve been extended the same courtesy. - I’d bet money on that one.
Sister Toldjah was sitting at her desk listening to the radio - and breathed a sigh of relief when Kerry made his gracious concession. Says she smiled, thinking, �he did it!� - Indeed, WE did it. I remember feeling more relief than joy in the first moments too!
Don is celebrating.
Michelle notes how liberals are marking this wonderful anniversary… the “Bush Derangement Parade”. - Did you expect anything less?
The Orb remembers the Washington state election where Democrats implemented the “keep counting until we get the results we want” strategy. Oh and he reminded me Kerry served in Vietnam. Did you know that?
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