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Allman’s Rant
November 2nd, 2005 11:51 am
Jamie Allman of the Allman & Smash in the Morning show in St. Louis rants:

If… by the end of the next four months you are still a liberal in reverence of your fearless Democratic Party leaders then you need to have you head examined… we’re all worried about the invasion of the bird flu but we already have a pandemic in this country and it is the illness that is the Democratic Party…

It’s leaders have run amock… with, of course, the complicity of the news media…

First they don’t get the indictments they want so they still smear Karl Rove and the President…

Then they don’t get the Supreme Court nominee they want so they tie Samuel Alito to the mob and use Rosa Parks’ yet to be buried body as a prop for their smear of Judge Alito… a son of immigrants… a black civil rights leader… exploit, disparage exploit… a while back it was that Condi Rice and Colin Powell weren’t black enough for them… heck… they’re loooking more and more like their Southern Democrat pedigree every day….

Then late yesterday, as Iraq simmers down, as elections take place, as a Constitution is ratified and as we head into December elections to solidify the country there, these B-Team insurgents want a Senate review of a Senate panel’s review of pre-war intelligence……the world is not abiding by their script of failure and the Democratic leadership is hopping mad and determined to make failure happen.

Folks… it’s no wonder why the American people have repeatedly rejected Democratic leaders… even liberals are embarrassed by these hacks… even as Republicans hand them other sure fire wins… an indictment, a DeLay takedown, a spending spree, lack of border control… the Democrats have yet to say ONE… and I mean ONE positive thing about America or put forth One… and I mean ONE idea that shows they can do better. That’s how bankrupt, and frankly, dumb the Democrats are. If they cannot energize a country behind them after all this except through fabrications and exploitations, then who in their right mind would dare put them in charge of the country? Who? John Kerry was, in the end, indeed dumber than President Bush. And the Democratic Party is indeed dumber than most Americans. Thank God.

Come on Jamie, tell us what you really think. :)

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