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Just yesterday, I pointed out the ridiculous comment by Ronnie Earle that removing a judge based on political donations “could lead to a country split “into Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds.” Earle claimed removing the judge based on his political contributions was improper because “This is not a political case, this is a criminal case.”

And today, in just 24 short hours, Ronnie Earle filed a motion asking for the jurist responsible for selecting the new judge to be removed from the case because… are you ready for this… the judge has made more than $5,000 in contributions to Republican candidates…

So much for the “this is not a political case, blah, bla, blah”. The hypocrite Earle just proved it IS about politics.

The difference between Delay’s recusal motion and Earle’s was that the judge that Delay was seeking to remove had donated to the very organizations that campaigned AGAINST Delay directly, creating an obvious conflict of interest. The appearance would exist that the judge was actively supporting the removal of Delay from office and therefore disqualified him from being an impartial jurist on Delay’s case.

But Earle’s motion was simply about a judge making general donations to people of the same party as Delay… none directly affecting the case whatsoever. There was no appearance of impropriety or conflict of interest. But the motion filed by Earle acknowledged this case is about politics despite his denial.

I wonder if this means Earle is going to convert sometime soon. Will he become a Shiite, Sunni, or a Kurd?
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