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MSM Supports Communists
November 4th, 2005 7:17 pm
The American networks seem giddy in their coverage over the riots in Argentina and have taken it as an opportunity to blame Bush and his “world standing” as the root cause. They almost seem to be supportive of the lunatics’ actions as they tie the anger in the protestors’ violence to the anger of liberals in our country over alleged scandals, poll results and Bush nominations.

But looking through the pictures coming over the wire, and researching the organizations represented, I see a different cause for the anarchy.

Notice the Hammer & Sickle on the red flag in the upper left corner

Again with the Hammer & Sickle

These are well organized protests by Communist and Socialist organizations.

The PSTU flag waved by many (right side of the picture)

PSTU’s website (original in portuguese, translation here) describes the movement as a socialist worker’s movement (ironic that these same folks compare Bush to Hitler).

Note to protestors: A good rule of thumb on whether your proposed form of government is better than ours is to look out over the Gulf of Mexico and see which direction the refugees risking their lives in homemade rafts are heading.

They’re not protesting Bush or making a statement on indictments or Supreme Court nominations. They’re simply protesting against capitalism… and given that we are the freest nation and best example of the benefits of capitalism, the U.S. is necessarily the focus of their hostility.

So when MSM tries to gen up a story around Bush and Chavez or Bush and his own standing in the world, remember these globalist kooks protested like this when their savior Bill Clinton traveled to these summits.

Matt discusses “The Truth About Latin America’s Reaction To Bush’s visit”
Michelle calls it “Moonbattery, South American-style”

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