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The Left is Consistently Inconsistent
November 7th, 2005 5:02 pm

They wonder why they have a hard time mounting an attack against the Right. It confuses them that their manufactured “scandals” don’t get more mileage. It perplexes them that they keep losing elections, despite launching attack after attack. But maybe this will give a glimpse into their troubles.

National Security

They laughed and brushed aside the story of a National Security Advisor admitting that he stole and destroyed classified documents relating to the government’s response and approach toward prevention of terror attacks… then they claim outrage when a prosecutor investigates the alleged outing of an undercover CIA agent and only comes up with an indictment on obstruction.


They believe every Democrat that ever claimed Saddam/Iraq was a threat to America and American interests, but don’t believe any Republican that claims Saddam/Iraq was a threat to America and American interests.

Being Progressive

They claim to be the progressive party, but their party wanted to maintain the status quo when it came to slavery, civil rights, reforming ineffective and inefficient social programs, ineffective sanctions in Iraq, domestic energy production.


They claim outrage when election fraud is alleged against Republicans, but they ignore real election fraud proven against Democrats.

“Culture of Corruption”

They blast Republicans with ties to lobbyists like Jack Abramoff, but they ignore Democrats with ties to lobbyists like Jack Abramoff.

Military Support

They claim to support soldiers while opposing their missions and sing praises for lying soldiers who disrespect every fellow soldier with fabricated stories. They disrepect those same soldiers by protesting outside their hospital rooms calling them baby-killers.

Patriot Act

They demonize the Bush administration for creation of the Patriot Act, but they supported a candidate for President that actually created parts of the Patriot Act (and then voted for it).

Military Draft

They cried foul when rumors of a draft surfaced last year, but they ignored the fact that the only draft bill submitted was authored and co-sponsored by only Democrats.

Social Security - Reform

They supported Democrats who said Social Security was in trouble and advocated partially privatizing social security, but they blasted Republicans who said Social Security was in trouble and advocated partially privatizing social security.


They claimed a President who never received a majority of the popular vote had a mandate, but claim a President who received a majority of the popular vote does not have a mandate.

It appears John Kerry was their perfect candidate.

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