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Have you see the video? I’m sure koolaid drinkers will find a way to “but, but…” this, but bottom line - this is evidence of the current Democrat dishonesty… straight from the Democrats’ own mouths.

Really, do they think this stuff just disappears after a few hours? You’d think that when Algore finished creating the internet, he would’ve warned his fellow liberals that anything they say can and will be used against them in the court of public opinion.

Update:I’ve had a few folks email me and post the Robert Taft comments (who by the way opposed U.S. involvement in WWII) and claim that “criticizing the war is a patriotic act in and of itself”. Fine. As reader Nita Rene puts it, “[C]riticize the war, not the warrior. Criticize the oppression that causes the need for war. But please support our Commander in Chief and our brave men and women who are doing their best to provide that same freedom to others.” Simply calling the President a liar, while simultaneously engaging in your own dishonesty to support such claims, is not patriotic. It’s pathetic.

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