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Democrats had this same debate earlier this year. Just when terrorists thought theirs was a lost cause, Democrats were right there in the halls of Congress and the nightly news to reassure them that they were being more successful than they gave themselves credit for.

This time the Democrats have found themselves a genuine war veteran to carry their message to the enemy.


“We cannot win this militarily. Our tactics themselves keep us from winning.”

Maybe that message will bring some satisfaction to a demoralized enemy. Afterall, here’s what Al-Qaeda Supporters have to say about it:

“This is a lost war… I don’t believe in al-Qaida anymore. Boom. It’s finished… I think maybe there is no jihad anymore.”

The Democrats appear ready to open up a debate again on the floors of Congress with terrorists to remind them that they are stronger than they think. Perhaps the Democrats are trying to provide comfort to an ailing terrorism network, hoping to help the demoralized “freedom fighters” in their quest to oppose the evil George W. Bush.

President Bush summed it up nicely on the campaign trail last year.

Kerry, he said, exhibited a “dangerous misunderstanding of the enemy we face” in saying that Bush’s policies in Iraq have created more terrorists. “We don’t create terrorists by fighting back,” Bush said. “We defeat terrorists by fighting back.”

A point lost on the Left.
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