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They’ll say anything to get elected. They’ll promise or threaten anything to get into or maintain political power. It used to be a succesful strategy. Not anymore. Now it’s possible for the average citizen to go back and review the lies, threats and broken promises and compare them directly with the truth.

Remember Democrats claiming Bush would institute a draft if he got re-elected? Ok, so where is it?

Remember Democrats claiming the Bush tax cuts “failed to create the jobs and spur the economic growth that the Republican predicted”? The New York Times said yesterday, “After four years of tight budgets and deepening debt, most states from California to Maine are experiencing a marked turnaround in their fiscal fortunes, with billions of dollars more in tax receipts than had been projected pouring into coffers around the country.”

Here are some other myths, lies and broken promises peddled by the Left and debunked by facts:

Here’s a sample of some Urban Legends About the Iraq War that have been debunked:

  1. The Bush administration pressured the CIA to exaggerate evidence. Not according to a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s bipartisan report.
  2. The Bush administration intentionally misled the country into war with Iraq - and the “16 words” that appeared in the 2003 State of the Union are the best proof of it. On July 14, 2004 - after a nearly half-year investigation - a special panel reported to the British Parliament that British intelligence had indeed concluded that Saddam Hussein was seeking to buy uranium from Africa.
  3. There were no links between al-Qaeda and Iraq. Several sources debunk this, including a 1998 indictment by the Clinton Administration’s Justice Department.
  4. The old “unilateral attack” claim. The coalition that liberated Iraq ranks among the largest war coalitions ever assembled.

There has been some debunking of myths surrounding Hurricane Katrina that formed some of the basis for criticism of the Bush administration’s response as well.

And of course, there’s that liberal staple, global warming and the Kyoto protocol. Here are some debunked myths surrounding this angle of Republican-bashing.

Finally, don’t forget the mother of all myths… the holy grail of current liberal depression… the 2000 election. Debunked.

It’s no wonder many on the Left are constantly trying to find their way out of the logical pretzels they twist themselves into. They used to be able to lie and deliver false promises knowing they’d never be fact-checked later. They could simply hit the public with a dose of bullshit and move to the next dose before anyone knew the prior was bogus.

That’s no longer the case… which probably explains the anger and depression of the Left, the mass retirements of MSM anchors, the declining ratings in the mainstream media and continued electoral successes of the Right.

Of course, liberals will prepare a laundry list of lies and more BS to explain all of this away, I’m sure.

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