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The BOOMer Sooner Unsealed
November 29th, 2005 5:22 pm

The search warrant in the OU Suicide Bomber case was unsealed on November 18 and Michelle Malkin has now received the documents from the Clerk’s office. She says they don’t provide any closure on the case.

As Michelle points out, the documents confirm the reports of the presence of TATP, called “Mother of Satan”, by Islamic extremists and the same explosive as used by shoe-bomber Richard Reid. Such explosive has rarely been used in the US.

Other than that, the documents don’t seem to include any new bombshells… neither do they answer all of the questions that remain outstanding.

I must admit it is pretty humorous to see CBS lecturing on accountability and correcting the record. Yes, that CBS!

Hey Bloggers, It’s OK To Correct The Record

A good many bloggers had no problems theorizing about the intentions, motivations and connections of Joel Hinrichs in the days after he blew himself up outside of a University of Oklahoma football game. But they have been strangely silent since FBI documents relating to the incident were made public last week. The young man was clearly troubled and had a dangerous fondness for explosives, but the evidence doesn�t appear to go beyond that.

It may seem anti-climactic given all the talk about a possible connection between Hinrichs and terrorism, but those who engaged in that discussion should acknowledge this. After all, isn�t it just that accountability they demand of the MSM?

Sure he was clearly troubled. That wasn’t the question. But to say the evidence doesn’t go beyond that is not addressing the issue or the the questions that remain unanswered, even by these newly unsealed documents. Like:

  1. Why did Hinrichs attempt to buy ammonium nitrate fertilizer.
  2. Or what about Hinrichs’ alleged visits to the same mosque as Zacarias Moussaoui. (according to Michelle, News 9 is standing by the mosque story)
  3. Why did OU implement an emergency evacuation plan in the wake of a lonely kid who decided “to just quit living“?
  4. And the FBI still says it “may never know if Hinrichs tried try to enter the stadium or purchase a ticket for the game.”
  5. In fact, why was the FBI/Joint Terrorism Task Force even investigating the event when it was labeled at the outset a suicide of a lonely student.

If you got the answers to those questions, Vaughn, the public would love to hear them.

I don’t necessarily think this has to be a case of Hinrichs being some sort of Al-Qaeda member or just a kid committing suicide. This could be a case of an individual, acting alone, who decides to copycat run-of-the-mill terror methods. I think the bigger question surrounds his intent. Was it simply a loner suicide or was he attempting something bigger but just failed? Regardless of whether he had ties to organized terrorism or not, that question remains. The records confirm he was experimenting with some pretty unique explosives… and he certainly used a very unique method of killing himself

Mark Tapscott has also provided excellent coverage of this story and again has a big question.

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