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Moveon.org tries to exploit our brave men and women by producing a commercial about American soldiers stuck in Iraq over Thanksgiving.

Here’s the video… and the heartwarming photo of the soldiers… is a picture of British soldiers!

I also noticed an ironic moment at the end of the commercial that I’m sure Moveon.org never intended. The camera pans around the full table coming to a stop at the empty chair… seemingly to represent the relative who is not at Thanksgiving dinner because he or she is serving in the war. But the voiceover and on-screen text say: “Where are the Republicans?” Perhaps Moveon.org subconsciously realizes just who is fighting to keep them safe.

Reader Charles Scott also points out “that when the commercial mentions Democrats they show a crying woman.” Nice catch. Moveon.org was so on point with their subliminal messaging today.

Update: Michelle links to GOP and the City, who notes some other funny business by Moveon.org on this picture (Thanks to reader Rich for this tip).

Update 2: Moveon.org has pulled the adkinda.

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