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Welcome 2006
December 31st, 2005 10:30 am

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The Next Generation
December 31st, 2005 10:02 am

Farris Hassan is the 16 year old who traveled to Iraq on his own volition. Here’s how he explains is trip:

“I thought I’d go the extra mile for that, or rather, a few thousand miles,” he told The Associated Press.

“There is a struggle in Iraq between good and evil, between those striving for freedom and liberty and those striving for death and destruction,” he wrote.

“Those terrorists are not human but pure evil. For their goals to be thwarted, decent individuals must answer justice’s call for help. Unfortunately altruism is always in short supply. Not enough are willing to set aside the material ambitions of this transient world, put morality first, and risk their lives for the cause of humanity. So I will.”

It’s no surprise that he is a member of a Republican Party club at school.

Now there’s Danielle Ansley (hat tip: Michelle). Her response to moonbat Mike Luckovich’s anti-war cartoon appears today in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. She explains why she did it:

The first time I saw Mike Luckovich’s drawing of the word “WHY?” made up of the names of 2,000 troops killed in Iraq, was when my mother was putting it up on our refrigerator. It bothered me that no one did a response showing how others feel. On Nov. 8, I got an updated list of the names of the war dead and started writing them, spelling out “FREEDOM”. Six days later, it was done. I only worked on it in my free time at school. It took me about 12 hours to get it done, so needless to say I devoted many of my classes to this, and stayed late after school to work on it. I didn’t take it home and show it to my mother until I had prints made. She and I have different views of things. She said that, as a mother, she didn’t like it that so many people have been killed. She was not happy when I placed my work next to Luckovich’s “WHY?” on the fridge, but it hasn’t been taken down. I may seem as if I am too young to have an opinion on matters like these. I am not saying that my opinion is right, for an opinion is just that’s someone’s views on something. But, like a child’s voice, an opinion is often not heard. DANIELLE ANSLEY Danielle, 17, of Fairburn, is an 11th-grader at Arlington Christian School.

I don’t know about you, but kids like this give me optimism about the future.

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Oh. My. God. Please tell me this is a joke. The upcoming January 2006 issue of GQ Magazine has an interview with the Peanut-Farmer-turned-Worst-President-in-History:

[GQ]: One of the promises you made in 1976 was that if you were elected, you would look into the reports from Roswell and see if there had been any cover-ups. Did you look into that?

[Carter]: Well, in a way. I became more aware of what our intelligence services were doing. There was only one instance that I’ll talk about now. We had a plane go down in the Central African Republic, a twin-engine plane, small plane. And we couldn’t find it. And so we oriented satellites that were going around the earth every ninety minutes to fly over that spot where we thought it might be and take photographs. We couldn’t find it. So the director of the CIA came and told me that he had contacted a woman in California that claimed to have supernatural capabilities. And she went in a trance, and she wrote down latitudes and longitudes, and we sent our satellite over that latitude and longitude, and there was the plane.

[GQ]: That must have been surreal for you. You’re the president of the United States, and you’re getting intelligence information from a woman in a trance in California.

[Carter]: That’s exactly right.

Of course, this is the same guy who offers this jewel later in the interview:

“America is not at war. We’re not really at war with terrorists.”

Maybe it’s all just a trance?
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2006 Predictions
December 30th, 2005 2:16 pm

I was going to make some predictions, but after reading Ned Rice’s (He’s a staff writer on the CBS talk show The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) predictions, I doubt I could do better. So here are his:

    1. Brokeback Mountain becomes the first winner of a new Academy Award category, “Gayest Movie.” Winners note that it’s fabulous just to be nominated, girlfriend.
    2. George and Laura Bush file their 2005 income-tax returns, listing Cindy Sheehan as a dependent.
    3. In a speech announcing his bid for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, Joe Biden accidentally plagiarizes a speech he gave several years ago.
    4. John Kerry announces that he’s running for president. Puzzled, a reporter shouts out, “Of what?”
    5. Barbara Boxer says something incredibly stupid.
    6. Federal government scraps Witness Protection Program, starts giving witnesses in need of anonymity their own shows on Air America Radio.
    7. Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco orders the mandatory evacuation of the city of New Orleans.
    8. With strong bipartisan support Congress calls for a three-month embargo on Angelina Jolie adopting any more kids from the third world.
    9. Americans cheer as Martha Stewart and Robert Blake announce their engagement.
    10. In lieu of lapel ribbons, Hollywood conservatives begin attending awards ceremonies with their fingertips dyed purple.
    11. Elton John’s new husband David Furnish announces that he is pregnant.
    12. Barbara Boxer fails to grasp an elementary concept of representative democracy.
    13. European Union members vote to reject a new Iraqi constitution.
    14. Massachusetts amends their state constitution to ban heterosexual marriage.
    15. Mayor Ray Nagin orders the mandatory evacuation of the city of New Orleans.
    16. Lyndon LaRouche issues a statement from prison publicly distancing himself from Air America Radio co-founder Sheldon Drobny.
    17. Astronomers discover a tenth planet, which is immediately declared “non-smoking” by the FDA.
    18. Howard Dean announces, “The idea that the New England Patriots are going to repeat as Super Bowl champions this year is just plain wrong.”
    19. Hoping to regain her anonymity, Valerie Plame announces plans to host a prime-time TV show on MSNBC.
    20. Tookie Williams’ final children’s book - OK, So I Shot Those Four Mo-Fos - is published posthumously and gets a glowing review in the New York Times.
    21. More gloomy economic news for President Bush as thousands of unemployment offices are forced to close.
    22. A grim milestone in Paris as the 100,000th car is torched since the current unrest began. On a positive note, French automakers begin hiring assembly line workers again.
    23. Environmental artist Christo announces plans to wrap colorful nylon panels around Cindy Sheehan.
    Also check out the other predictions made by NRO folks.
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    Courtesy of NoAgenda.org:

    When it comes to Jack Abramoff, Democrats have tried to paint it as a Republican scandal, but as the investigation continues, more and more Democrats are being revealed to have their own connections to the embattled lobbyist, including Byron Dorgan, Harry Reid, Max Baucus, even Nancy Pelosi

    The New York Post has revealed that Representative Charlie Rangel has taken more donations from Abramoff’s tribal clients than almost any other Democrat in the House.

    Oopsie. Damn that law of unintended consequences. It’s almost laughable that Democrats launched this campaign entitled “culture of corruption” in the first place… thinking in their sheltered elitist minds that they were ethically pure and morally incorruptable.

    Note to Democrats, when you throw the anchor into the water, make sure the rope isn’t tied around your own legs.

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    ACLU Backs Free Speech Zones
    December 29th, 2005 10:00 am

    But apparently only when they are enforced against conservatives. Surprise, surprise.

    Legislative leaders signaled their support yesterday for a significant expansion of the buffer zone around clinics that perform abortions in Massachusetts…

    A bill filed yesterday by state Senator Jarrett T. Barrios and two other lawmakers would prohibit demonstrators from coming within 35 feet of the clinics’ walk-in entrances or driveways.

    I remember a time in the not so distant past when liberals were up in arms about free speech zones. Of course, I guess they’re okay, so long as you call them “buffer zones” and only apply them to conservatives.
    Proponents of the expansion say the current law allows disruptive and potentially dangerous protesters to get too close to those entering clinics.

    Sort of like allowing “disruptive and potentially dangerous protestors to get too close to” the leader of the free world? Ironic that they’re making the very same argument in this case that they opposed before. The only difference being the group potentially impacted in this case…

    ‘’What’s being done to the people who are trying to access and leave these clinics is unpardonable,” state Senator Susan C. Fargo, a Lincoln Democrat and cosponsor of the bill, said yesterday at a State House press conference.

    Only half of those entering actually get to leave. What’s being done to the other half of the people entering these clinics is unpardonable.

    ‘’My inclination is that I would like to protect those people who are going into the clinics, so that they have their opportunity to get that service that they have a right to under Massachusetts law and under the laws of the Supreme Court,” [Salvatore F. DiMasi, an abortion-rights proponent] said.

    What he means is that he “would like to protect” only half of “those people who are going into the clinics”. But I’m sure it was just an honest mistake in wording.

    Matt is watching this case as it’s in his backyard up in MassaCHUsetts.

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    Americans Favor the NSA Program
    December 28th, 2005 4:12 pm

    According to Rasmussen.

    Sixty-four percent (64%) of Americans believe the National Security Agency (NSA) should be allowed to intercept telephone conversations between terrorism suspects in other countries and people living in the United States. A Rasmussen Reports survey found that just 23% disagree.

    I’m not big on polls, but I know many on the Left rely on them heavily to decide how they will think about an issue today. This one might leave a mark. Even when they break down the results by party affiliation, a majority of Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike “believe the NSA should be allowed to listen in on conversations between terror suspects and people living in the United States”.

    Welcome to the real mainstream.

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    Citizen Journalism at its Best
    December 28th, 2005 2:49 pm
    Jeremy Hermanns was on Alaska Air flight #536 yesterday when the plane suddenly de-pressurized and he had the presence of mind to snap a few photos from his Treo. (The AP has now picked up his coverage.)

    This reminded me of Adam Stacey’s firsthand blogging of the London bombings in July. As Tim Porter so aptly stated:

    Terrorism made Stacey a victim; technology made him a reporter.

    I tried my hand at live-blogging a newsworthy story, though thankfully mine wasn’t nearly as frightening.
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    A Moment of Lucidity for MSM?
    December 28th, 2005 1:42 pm

    Or just an attempt to reverse this trend?

    The Chicago Tribune looked at nine specific arguments in the war debate (hat tip: Jonathon):

    1. Biological and chemical weapons
    2. Iraq rebuffs the world
    3. The quest for nukes
    4. Hussein’s rope-a-dope
    5. Waging war on terror
    6. Reform in the Middle East
    7. Iraq and Al Qaeda
    8. The Butcher of Baghdad
    9. Iraqis liberated

    and came up with this conclusion:

    After reassessing the administration’s nine arguments for war, we do not see the conspiracy to mislead that many critics allege.

    No kidding.

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    It’s the only logical conclusion that can be made when the same liberals who had a hissyfit about the Plame non-story are now praising the New York Times for actually leaking highly classified information about an NSA program aimed at combatting terrorism… a leak that may now aid the very terrorists this Administration is trying to thwart.

    Defense lawyers in some of the country’s biggest terrorism cases say they plan to bring legal challenges to determine whether the National Security Agency used illegal wiretaps against several dozen Muslim men tied to Al Qaeda.

    “Tied to Al Qaeda”… get it? These guys are on the same mission the 19 hijackers were on… to kill you, me and the rest of your family and friends in the most spectacular way possible. And now liberals are praising the New York Times for the “scoop” that may well pave the way for these admitted terrorists to walk freely out of lockup and back into our neighborhoods… undoubtedly to finish what they had started.

    Government officials, in defending the value of the security agency’s surveillance program, have said in interviews that it played a critical part in at least two cases that led to the convictions of Qaeda associates, Iyman Faris of Ohio, who admitted taking part in a failed plot to bring down the Brooklyn Bridge

    Someone asked me in an email, “How would you react if Clinton was illegally wiretapping Americans?” First, I’d refer the emailer to the case of Alexander et al. v. FBI, et. al. in which the Clintons were conducting surveillance on Americans. Then, I’d make a comparison of the two administrations’ actions… Bush snooping on terrorists plotting to attack the U.S. and Clinton snooping on political opponents.

    It’s funny to watch liberals switch gears on how they react to the leaking of classified information based solely on how it might affect the Bush administration. In the Plame case, they were outraged about the mere fact classified information was allegedly leaked because the leaking of said information potentially damaged the Bush administration. Now, the liberals could care less about how and why highly classified information has been leaked, because the information itself may potentially damage the Bush administration.

    Don’t forget the Washington Post leaking information on a covert prison system setup by the CIA as “a central element in the CIA’s unconventional war on terrorism”. Didn’t hear liberals calling for an investigation into that leak. Instead we heard liberals decrying the existence of such prisons. They enjoyed seeing a leak like this and exploited it for every political point they could score… to hell with fighting terrorists.

    Now the AP is publishing details of “extraordinary renditions”… an operation the journalist admits is a “highly classified practice“. Are there calls for a congressional inquiry into how and why this information was leaked, or the damage the leak may cause? Of course not. Like the WaPo story, they were happy to see such classified information being spilled before the public as it gave them the ability to again posture politically upon the information. Screw the war on terror.

    The liberal MSM even says this about the practice:

    President Bush gave the CIA authority to conduct the now-controversial operations…

    Now-controversial”? So they weren’t controversial before… say, oh…. I don’t know… when the procedure was developed by the CIA during the Clinton administration?

    I guess this is just the newest strategy from the liberal elite that make up MSM. Bored with simply trying to dredge up basic political scandals, they’re now focused on selling out every national secret and military strategy in hopes of scoring some points on the political front.

    The bias is becoming more transparent everyday.

    UPDATE: Michelle has yet another example of MSM aiding terrorist organizations and sums it up perfectly: “If only these MSM blabbermouths invested as much energy exposing the terrorist sympathies and connections of CAIR as they did in exposing every last Bush administration counterterrorism measure to protect American lives, they’d fully understand the damage they have done.” Exactly!

    UPDATE 2: The New York Post gets it.

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