Texas Rainmaker
Because It’s Bush
December 21st, 2005 12:59 pm
…is the only reason the warrantless spying non-story is a “scandal“. Think I’m wrong?

Where were the calls for investigations when Bill Clinton was authorizing warrantless spying?

Where were they when Jimmy Carter was authorizing warrantless spying?

Liberals again proving they have one standard for their own and another standard for everyone else.

Update: Heck, Clinton even “expanded the use of warrantless searches to entirely domestic situations with no foreign intelligence value whatsoever.” Have you heard a peep about that until now?

Update 2: Oh, and about that judge that stepped down today who will certainly be granted sainthood by the DNC, seems he was just another liberal activist Clinton appointee anyway. More non-story to pile on the existing non-story.

Update 3: It is interesting that all those folks who rejoiced in the Plame “scandal” are so silent about this story in which a classified program designed to track terrorists was leaked, in detail, to the press. A program which most in the legal community are saying is completely within the government’s legal authority to conduct.

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