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In another stunning example of just how detached the Hollywood elite are from mainstream America, they’ve started releasing movies showing “a new side of terrorism.” The useless idiots that make up the Hollywood elite really do think terrorists are “just misunderstood”. How else do you explain their portrayal of murderous thugs, who want to behead each and every one of us while we’re still breathing, or think of killing the President of the U.S. as the “holy grail of jihad“, as “ordinary people”?

Syriana, the George Clooney political drama that opened Nov. 23, paints a sympathetic portrait of a young man recruited into a radical Islamic group planning an attack on a U.S. oil firm.

“I’ve been called a traitor for questioning the war,” [Clooney] says. “But more people are beginning to look critically at what our government is doing, who we’re fighting. And that’s the most patriotic thing you can do.”

No, it’s not patriotic to glorify terrorists. And doing so has nothing to do with criticizing the war. I don’t consider you a traitor for questioning the war… I consider you a traitor for showing sympathy to terrorists planning attacks on the U.S.
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