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It’s the only logical conclusion that can be made when the same liberals who had a hissyfit about the Plame non-story are now praising the New York Times for actually leaking highly classified information about an NSA program aimed at combatting terrorism… a leak that may now aid the very terrorists this Administration is trying to thwart.

Defense lawyers in some of the country’s biggest terrorism cases say they plan to bring legal challenges to determine whether the National Security Agency used illegal wiretaps against several dozen Muslim men tied to Al Qaeda.

“Tied to Al Qaeda”… get it? These guys are on the same mission the 19 hijackers were on… to kill you, me and the rest of your family and friends in the most spectacular way possible. And now liberals are praising the New York Times for the “scoop” that may well pave the way for these admitted terrorists to walk freely out of lockup and back into our neighborhoods… undoubtedly to finish what they had started.

Government officials, in defending the value of the security agency’s surveillance program, have said in interviews that it played a critical part in at least two cases that led to the convictions of Qaeda associates, Iyman Faris of Ohio, who admitted taking part in a failed plot to bring down the Brooklyn Bridge

Someone asked me in an email, “How would you react if Clinton was illegally wiretapping Americans?” First, I’d refer the emailer to the case of Alexander et al. v. FBI, et. al. in which the Clintons were conducting surveillance on Americans. Then, I’d make a comparison of the two administrations’ actions… Bush snooping on terrorists plotting to attack the U.S. and Clinton snooping on political opponents.

It’s funny to watch liberals switch gears on how they react to the leaking of classified information based solely on how it might affect the Bush administration. In the Plame case, they were outraged about the mere fact classified information was allegedly leaked because the leaking of said information potentially damaged the Bush administration. Now, the liberals could care less about how and why highly classified information has been leaked, because the information itself may potentially damage the Bush administration.

Don’t forget the Washington Post leaking information on a covert prison system setup by the CIA as “a central element in the CIA’s unconventional war on terrorism”. Didn’t hear liberals calling for an investigation into that leak. Instead we heard liberals decrying the existence of such prisons. They enjoyed seeing a leak like this and exploited it for every political point they could score… to hell with fighting terrorists.

Now the AP is publishing details of “extraordinary renditions”… an operation the journalist admits is a “highly classified practice“. Are there calls for a congressional inquiry into how and why this information was leaked, or the damage the leak may cause? Of course not. Like the WaPo story, they were happy to see such classified information being spilled before the public as it gave them the ability to again posture politically upon the information. Screw the war on terror.

The liberal MSM even says this about the practice:

President Bush gave the CIA authority to conduct the now-controversial operations…

Now-controversial”? So they weren’t controversial before… say, oh…. I don’t know… when the procedure was developed by the CIA during the Clinton administration?

I guess this is just the newest strategy from the liberal elite that make up MSM. Bored with simply trying to dredge up basic political scandals, they’re now focused on selling out every national secret and military strategy in hopes of scoring some points on the political front.

The bias is becoming more transparent everyday.

UPDATE: Michelle has yet another example of MSM aiding terrorist organizations and sums it up perfectly: “If only these MSM blabbermouths invested as much energy exposing the terrorist sympathies and connections of CAIR as they did in exposing every last Bush administration counterterrorism measure to protect American lives, they’d fully understand the damage they have done.” Exactly!

UPDATE 2: The New York Post gets it.

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