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State of the Union in Sixteen Words
January 31st, 2006 8:54 am
Since the liberals in the DNC and MSM can’t seem to concentrate on more than 16 words at any given moment, I thought I’d help the President focus the speech tonight into a bite-sized chunk for them.

Economy up. Wiretaps work. Adios terrorists. Here comes the veto. Borders will be closed. Thank you.”

Think about it. Not only does it get right to the point, but it helps the ADD liberals who will undoubtedly complain that such a lasting historic tradition is interfering with their Constitutional right to view American Idol.

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I saw this police chase in the St. Louis area live yesterday on television and immediately knew that the race-baiters and their cohorts in MSM would be all over this case before the sun went down yesterday. I was right.

The area NAACP chapter has asked that the officers be suspended until the investigation is complete. Three of the officers are white and one is black and the suspect is black.

Gasp. The black criminal was outnumbered by honkeys so it must be racism. (Neverimnd that one cop was black) They ganged up on him and beat him up because they’re George W. Bush supporters.

Or maybe… just maybe they were, oh, I don’t know… DOING THEIR JOB?

Sure, the officers taking him down was caught on tape… but so was his attempts at running them down with a car. I’m really tired of the race-baiters crawling out of the woodwork everytime a criminal gets dropped to the sidewalk and handcuffed in a less-than-lovingly-manner.

Maplewood Police Chief James White, speaking at a news conference, cautioned against jumping to conclusions. “The question is, is the force appropriate for the situation?” White said. “Is it appropriate for the resistance?

What’s next? Is Kweisi Mfume going to complain that the chief’s name is White?

Let’s examine this use of force:

Criminal - Tried to use a van as a battering ram against police officers who were trying to arrest him for committing a crime.

Officers - Used hands and feet to subdue the criminal.

As Jamie said this morning… these are the same cops who would’ve been immediately blamed if this guy got away and harmed someone in committing another crime later.

Of course, it’s a good thing they didn’t wrap women’s underwear around his head instead. That might have caused an international incident.

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Up or Down
January 30th, 2006 3:51 pm
The vote for cloture has just passed (72 - 25), despite opposition by the extreme leftwingers. Judge Sam Alito’s confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States will be voted upon tomorrow morning at 11:00am Eastern.

For those who continue to rehash this filibuster nonsense, clamoring that it’s a tool of the oppressed minority used against a tyrannical majority, remember that the American people decided the current makeup of the Senate (with the exception of Jim Jefford’s unilateral post-election party-hopping) through the electoral process. The beauty of this system is that the people can make the changes necessary by electing different representatives. Remember also that there were Democrats that voted against the filibuster… in addition to Democrats planning to vote for his confirmation.

This was simply an attempt by the radical leftwingers to be obstructionists again, acting like children engaging in a temper tantrum because they’re not getting their way. Afterall, the Constitution says the President shall nominate and appoint judges of the Supreme Court by and with the advice and consent of the Senate… not the few leftwing holdouts who want to turn the nomination process into a campaign backdrop.

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Today’s Washington Post touts a study that repeats the “Republicans are racists” mantra.

That study found that supporters of President Bush and other conservatives had stronger self-admitted and implicit biases against blacks than liberals did.

But for some reason, the paper fails to include some key facts about the study’s conductors. Aside from being bad news for Howard Dean’s Presidential aspirations, it’s a pretty inflammatory accusation. Looking at the folks behind the “study” it’s not surprising they’d reach such a conclusion (hat tip: Michelle).

Harvard psychologist Mahzarin Banaji is a Democrat contributor. University of Virginia psychologist Brian Nosek is also a Democrat contributor. It’s interesting that the paper chose to ignore such obvious bias. Interesting… but not surprising.

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Media Whore 2006
January 30th, 2006 12:42 pm
As part of my Media Whore 2006 campaign, I will be on the Allman & Smash in the Morning show again tomorrow morning at 7:10am Central.
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Indicting Hillary
January 30th, 2006 12:01 pm
Check out this trailer from a documentary by Peter Paul, one of the largest Democrat donors in 2000 and organizer of the Hillary Clinton for Senate fundraiser that resulted in FEC fines for violations of campaign laws. It will be released in May, 2006.

Hat tip to “Doug from Upland”.

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The Sheehan Factor
January 30th, 2006 10:16 am
Dianne Feinstein couldn’t be happier today to hear the news that Cindy Sheehan will be challenging her for her Senate seat. I mean, imagine readying your campaign for reelection and having a new opponent whose rallying cry is:

“America has been killing people on this continent since it was started. This country is not worth dying for.”

Feinstein also has to be happy with her new opponent’s photos ops:



Consider this a warning to my fellow conservatives who are cheering for Sheehan’s candidacy. Just remember, her candidacy makes liberals like Feinstein look the slightest bit more moderate. I would suspect they are wholeheartedly supporting her candidacy behind the scenes as well.

Think about it.

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This is what Dianne Feinstein had to say, on January 16th, about a filibuster against Judge Sam Alito:

“I do not see a likelihood of a filibuster,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat and often a swing vote on the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I don’t see those kinds of egregious things emerging that would justify a filibuster.”

Mrs. Feinstein said a filibuster against Judge Alito would be an abuse of the parliamentary tool.

“When it comes to filibustering a Supreme Court appointment, you really have to have something out there, whether it’s gross moral turpitude or something that comes to the surface,” she said yesterday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

“This is a man I might disagree with,” she said of Judge Alito. “That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be on the court.”

Sounds reasonable enough. Of course, she begins by saying that a filibuster didn’t seem likely. We know Democrats govern by polls and trends, so would she stick to this sentiment if some leading Democrats came out saying they would filibuster?

Of course not. Here’s her position on January 27, 2006 - just 11 days later:

�Based on a very long and thoughtful analysis of the record and transcript, which I tried to indicate in my floor statement yesterday, I�ve decided that I will vote no on cloture.�

In other words, Ms. Feinstein will gladly support an abuse of the parliamentary tool. That ought to make a nice election year campaign slogan.

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Mark Tapscott finally got a response back on his FOIA request regarding the Joel Hinrichs’ case. (Maybe that means the response to my October inquiry is shortly forthcoming) The government’s response raises more questions than answers:

…in a Jan. 25, 2006, letter denying my Freedom of Information Act request for all documents referencing Hinrichs, a Justice Department official says the requested documents cannot be released because the government’s investigation is still open and “release of this information could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings.

As Mark rightly asks:
“Why are federal anti-terrorism officials and investigators who could otherwise be tracking down real terrorists still spending time and tax dollars on a case they insist isn’t connected to terrorism?”

I have an answer. Maybe they actually are following up on Hinrichs’ visits to Zacarias Moussaoui’s mosque, his desire to purchase large amounts of ammonium nitrate, his use of TATP, the huge cache of weapons in the apartment he shared with Fazal Cheema, a Pakistani who had an airline ticket for a flight to Algeria the day after Hinrichs’ bombing near a stadium packed with more than 80,000 civilians, and the visiting Algerian professor who had his bags packed to leave the country the day after the bombing also, or the coincidence that three Algerians were recently arrested in Italy for plotting to come to the U.S. and blow up, among other things, stadiums… but were thwarted by Italy’s use of wiretaps.

I mean, if that’s not the reason the federal investigation remains open, then I’m also confused that the feds’ anti-terrorism investigators are still investigating a lonely kid who decided “to just quit living“?

Here’s a call to action for visitors of this site. File your own FOIA request to the FBI by clicking this link. It will open a PDF file that you can type directly into and click a send button therein. Clicking the send button will open your email program and create an outgoing message to julia.eichhorst@ic.fbi.gov with the pdf attached. All you have to do is click send. If you want to send a hard copy, here is the address:

Record/Information Dissemination Section
Records Management Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Justice
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20535-0001
(202) 324-5520

Good luck. I’ll post all responses and maybe with enough inquiries, we can learn something more about this unprecedented federal investigation into a lonely college student that just decided to quit living.

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Clinton Was an Endearing Liar
January 27th, 2006 11:37 am
So sayeth Maureen Dowd. But when she tried to claim “the Right” overpunished Bubba, Michelle Malkin was right there to lay the smackdown. That one might leave a mark.
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