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Exhibiting a Stupid Human Trick of his own, David Letterman uttered these 10 words to Bill O’Reilly and in a single breath summed up the entire position of liberals today…

He went on to say that he had a “feeling that about 60 percent of what [Bill O’Reilly] say[s] is crap”. Beautiful. He has a “feeling” that 60% is crap, yet he acknowledges both that he isn’t smart enough to debate the points and he doesn’t watch O’Reilly’s show. Isn’t that just typical… uninformed and uneducated on the subject, but thinks his “feelings” about what he’s heard about something means jack shit.

In typical liberal fashion, Letterman ranted about “Bush’s intelligence failures” and ignored the fact that many other nations had the same info, including our own former administration. Isn’t that just typical… then he went on to praise a woman who says America is “not worth dying for“.

I’m actually happy to see the liberals so giddy about this. Most of them get their “news” from these kinds of shows and then can’t understand why the real world seems so much different than the one painted for them in a third grade level monologue and some stupid pet tricks.

Letterman’s enjoying a ratings trend similar to MSM. Don’t think it’s just a coincidence.

Richard gives O’Reilly some good pointers on how he should’ve responded.

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