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Endless Cycle of Idiocy
January 7th, 2006 12:13 am
It’s as if Democrats are sitting at home glued to CNN waiting for the next natural disaster or unexpected tragedy so they can roll out idiotic theories on how Bush is to blame. The latest incident at the Sago Mine in West Virginia was no exception.

Before the victims had even been found, Scott Shields of MyDD blog was opining on “How Bush failed the Sago 13“. Despite the title, Scott claims the post isn’t blaming Bush:

If you’ve gotten this far, you likely know that this piece most certainly does not blame Bush for the Sago Mine disaster. Now ask yourselves why the conservative pundits want you think that’s what I was writing. Here’s a clue: Bush’s indefensible fealty to corporate power undercuts the health and safety of workers at every level of the economy. Corporations understandably want to save money any way they can. Sometimes government has to step in to remind them that there are some corners that just should not be cut. And that’s what offends the punditocracy so much — God forbid you should actually see this issue from the side of the workers.

Really? Bush’s policies of “evil corporate greed” undercuts the health and safety of workers? 2005 saw a record low number of mining deaths.

Nationally, 22 coal miners died on the job in 2005, down from the previous record of 27 in 2002. In West Virginia, the industry recorded a remarkable three fatal accidents, half the previous low of six, recorded three years ago.

Seems to me if we’re going to blame the Bush administration for affecting the health and safety of these workers, we ought to be blaming him for making things safer.

Here are some more statistics directly from the Mine Safety and Health Administration:

U.S. Coal mine production reached the highest levels in history in recent years. In 2004 coal mining fatalities were near the lowest level in history with 28. Even with the recent high production, MSHA�s accident reduction efforts helped to keep the annual fatality totals nearly 50% lower in recent years compared with totals recorded in the early 1990s.

So despite historically high coal production recently, the mining industry has seen a 35% decrease in fatal accidents nationwide since 2000. And overall mining fatalities were almost 50% lower than 1995 figures with coal mining fatalities, specifically, at their lowest level in history… and more than 50% lower than 1995 statistics.

Yet Democrats, with a straight face, can still find a way to blame Bush for the tragedy.

Congressmen call for mine hearings

Reps. Nick J. Rahall and Alan Mollohan, both D-W.Va., have joined in the call for congressional leaders to convene hearings into the Sago Mine tragedy that killed 12 coal miners and hospitalized another…

Rahall and Mollohan wrote to Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, who chairs the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

“How those violations were addressed and whether MSHA sufficiently followed up to ensure that those violations were being remedied are questions that beg scrutiny.” The letter to Boehner also criticized the Bush administration for withdrawing 17 standards to improve safety and health for miners and for cutting MSHA’s budget

Reps. George Miller, D-Calif., and Major Owens, D-N.Y., also called for immediate congressional hearings about the Sago tragedy…

Under the Bush administration, Miller pointed out, MSHA cut its staff by 170, from 2,357 to 2,187 people.

You know, there’s a mysterious dog that keeps crapping near my mailbox, I wonder if we could waste more taxpayer money by launching a Congressional investigation into that to see whether it can be blamed on Bush or the withdrawing from Kyoto or the Supreme Court’s ruling in the 2000 election or some random act of a conservative in general.

Seriously, folks, it’s gotten beyond ridiculous.

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