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Former Third Circuit Judge Timothy Lewis (a black Clinton appointee who says he is appropriately on the “far left” of the panel of testfying judges, is “openly and unapologetically pro-choice”) testified “out of [his] own sense of justice and fairness” about Judge Alito’s “intellectual honesty”:
I cannot recall one instance when Judge alito displayed anything remotely approaching an ideological bent.

Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, another Clinton appointee gave Alito a glowing review.

…and when asked, point blank about race and women’s rights, here’s what the Democrat-appointed, pro-choice judges had to say about Alito:

COBURN:But, Judge Barry, I wanted to ask you — and also Judge Lewis — do you think that there is any merit whatsoever to the allegations that were made that Judge Alito is hostile to the rights of women or minorities? And have you seen that? In the 30 years, have you seen any indication whatsoever, either in his opinions, his personal life, in his interpersonal relations with you, or you, Judge Lewis, that there is any indication that there’s that type of bias in this man?

BARRY: I have never seen it. And if I had seen it, I would not be here today.

COBURN: Judge Lewis?

LEWIS: I’ve already said that if I sensed that Sam Alito, during the time that I served with him or since then, was hostile to civil rights or would be hostile to civil rights as a justice of the United States Supreme Court, I absolutely would not be here today.

I am not interested in saying anything on behalf of someone that I believe would hold views like that or would proceed in that way.

I am basing what I am saying on my years of experience in conference with him, discussing cases. We had different views and different approaches, but never did it seem to me that he held any hostility to civil rights, which is an area that I hold very dear and is very important to me — and remain committed to furthering in this country.

And what are the Democrats doing during this testimony? They left. That’s right… got up and walked on out. They’re apparently not interested in hearing from well-respected judges and appointees from their own party’s administration… simply because they have positive things to say about Alito.

They’re also criticizing these judges just for testifying in the first place. These are the very people that the Senators ought to be listening to (as opposed to their own bloviations and self-congratulating campaign sermons) when deciding whether Judge Alito is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.

The only Democrat Senators who bothered to stay on the dais are Leahy and Feinstein. Almost all the Republicans are there. Most notably, Senator Chuck Schumer got up and left right before the judges began to speak. Not only do they not care about the Judges’ testimony, apparently, they don’t even care about the disrespect for these judges that the bench of empty seats on the Democrat side bespeaks.

It is once again clear that Democrats have nothing positive to offer the American people. They drone on about Alito’s hostility to women and minorities and then don’t have the decency, much less the respect for the judges, to actually listen to testimony on the subject from folks within their own party who know Alito best. That makes it very clear that they are completely unconcerned with Alito’s judicial qualifications (the purpose of the confirmation hearings) and simply think the judiciary is a political tool to advance their agenda. Another reason they should not return to power for a long, long time.

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