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The Dem-ironic Party
January 15th, 2006 5:06 pm

Democrats around the country will be marching for irony Monday to celebrate MLK’S birthday National Democrat-Pander-to-Blacks Day.

First, Al Gore will be warning Americans about the evil “police state” George W. Bush has created… by holding a public speech denouncing the adminsitration. (I’ll pause for the slow readers to see the irony) The speech, by the way, will illustrate the cliche, “if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound”

Next Senator Ted “Tookie” Kennedy will be joining “a broad alliance of religious” groups” in promoting federal wage standards. Proving once again that apparently only Democrats get to mix politics with religion.

Meanwhile, John McCain is set to speak at an event honoring Dr. King and South Carolina Democrats say “the timing almost looks more political than anything else.” Apparently pandering to blacks on MLK Day is only “political” when the speaker has an “(R)” next to his name.

On a day designed to bring unity to the country, expect the focus of many leftwing speeches to be on how negative life is for minorities under the Bush administration, rather than the positive “self-evident truths“.

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