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The Barrett Report
January 15th, 2006 9:54 pm
Could be a big scandal. That is, if the Democrats will actually let the full report be released. For now, it appears 25% of the report will remain locked away when the report is released Thursday. Apparently, there’s big incentive for the Democrats to do so:

People familiar with the Barrett Report claim that during his investigation of former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros, Barrett came across illegal IRS and Justice Department activity in the Clinton years that involved corruption and infringements on the civil liberties of private citizens. A whistle-blower in the IRS, John Filan, delivered up an 18-page blueprint sketching out the illegal activities and perhaps identifying the victims. Sources claim it contains some of the most illuminating revelations of IRS misconduct ever. Lawyers at the Clintons’ ever-reliable Washington firm of Williams and Connolly have bottled the report up since it was finished in August of 2004. Democrats and a couple of incompetent Republicans have seen to it that the report is gutted. This month the gutted report will be made public.

Now compare these allegations to those involved in the NSA program. On one hand you have a President allegedly authorizing wiretaps to track terrorists, and on the other hand you have a President allegedly using the IRS as a political weapon against America citizens simply because they’re political opponents.

Not to justify any illegal activity by any administration, but by God, if Democrats are going to feign outrage over the NSA program, they damn well better be up in arms about the infringement on civil liberties, by the Clinton administration, that appear to be surfacing in this report.

And those same Democrats who claim there’s some Republican “culture of corruption” ought to be first in line to file Freedom of Information Act requests seeking the redacted portions of this report… in the name of transparency of government.

But I’m not holding my breath…

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