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All The News That’s Fit to Fake
January 16th, 2006 10:24 am
From the newspaper that brought us Jayson Blair, comes a fakery aimed at our military (hat tip: Michelle).

The caption reads: “Pakistani men with the remains of a missile fired at a house in the Bajur tribal zone near the Afghan border.”

As soon as I saw the picture, I immediately thought the “missile” looked in pretty good shape for one that had just blown several houses to smithereens. Apparently the editors at the New York Times don’t have such common sense. The American Thinker has more.

The story it accompanies is about the apparently failed attempt to take out al Qaeda�s #2 man al Zawahiri, with a missile attack from a Predator drone.

�How sad!� readers are encouraged to think. �These poor people are on the receiving end of awful weapons used by the clumsy minions of Bush. And all to no avail. Isn�t it terrible? Why must America do such horrible misdeeds? Bush must go!�

The only problem is that the long cylindrical item with a conical tip pictured with the boy and the man is not a missile at all. It is an old artillery shell. Not something that would have been fired from a Predator. Indeed, something that must have been found elsewhere and posed with the ruins and the little boy as a means at pulling of the heartstrings of the gullible readers of the New York Times…

So the formerly authoritative New York Times has published a picture distributed around the world on the home page of its website, using a prop which must have been artfully placed to create a false dramatic impression of cruel incompetence on the part of US forces. Not only did the editors lack the basic knowledge necessary to detect the fake, they didn�t bother to run the photo past anyone with such knowledge before exposing the world to it….

Without the internet and blogosphere, probably they would have gotten away with it.

But when have facts gotten in the way of a good story…

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