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Liberals and Their Enquiring Minds
January 18th, 2006 9:01 pm

Hat tip to Matt for the story. Remember last September when the National Enquirer ran a story alleging that President Bush had turned back to drinking, supposedly induced by the stress of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath? The nuthouse known as the DemocraticUnderground had a field day jumping all over this story and suddenly giving credence to the Enquirer as a legitimate news source. Some examples of the comments they made:

  • “The Enquirer is actually right some of the time and they do know how to fact check…”
  • ” I hate to tell you this, but the enquirer over the past few years has had a tremendous track record in being right and waaaay the hell ahead of the curve over the MSM… believe them.”
  • “it’s shocking how many times the Enquirer has gotten stuff right…”
  • “…actually the NE has been pretty accurate-they wouldn’t do this unless they had some verifiable evidence…”
  • “The National Enquirer hasn’t been proved wrong on this kind of story in many years… very reliable… Believe them.”

Now let’s see how they react to the National Enquirer’s latest story about one of the Left’s biggest heroes. Ted Kennedy: Secret Love Child

A Kennedy family confidante told the Enquirer, “This is one of the biggest secrets in the Kennedy family and known to only a few people including Ted’s ex-wife, Joan… Caroline announced to the family that she was two months pregnant around May 1984,” blabbed a Bilodeau confidante…

Ted was not happy about the news. He already had three kids with Joan and knew a baby out of wedlock could hurt him politically…

According to the Enquirer, the scandal-scarred senator begged Bilodeau to have an abortion, but she refused.

I doubt the story, considering the source, but you just have to love the irony.

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