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What’s In The Bunkers?
February 9th, 2006 6:08 am

And why haven’t they been thoroughly inspected? Here’s another interesting article about the Iraqi WMDs:

A former special investigator for the Pentagon during the Iraq war said he found four sealed underground bunkers in southern Iraq that he is sure contain stocks of chemical and biological weapons. But when he asked American weapons inspectors to check out the sites, he was rebuffed…

Between March and July 2003, Mr. Gaubatz was taken by these sources to four locations - three in and around Nasiriyah and one near the port of Umm Qasr, where he was shown underground concrete bunkers with the tunnels leading to them deliberately flooded. In each case, he was told the facilities contained stocks of biological and chemical weapons, along with missiles whose range exceeded that mandated under U.N. sanctions…

When asked about the weapons hunt by his students, he says he tells them, “Before we can say there is no WMD in Iraq, we must first look. I have no doubts WMD was and is still in Iraq.”

If this story is true, I sure hope there’s a good explanation forthcoming. But to be honest, one has to wonder if the story about Saddam moving the WMDs to Syria is true, why would he leave some behind? Was it overlooked in the rush to hide everything before the war? Was it intended to be used in the war? Who knows? I hope Saddam’s own words shed some light on all of this.

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