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Hurricane Sheehan Still Blowing Hard
February 14th, 2006 10:50 pm

Making landfall in New Orleans, Hurricane Sheehan is pounding the Big Easy with gusts reaching astronomical levels. This time she’s blaming George W. Bush for making New Orleans unsafe.

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan staged a protest at one of the city’s shuttered housing projects Tuesday, a day after 12,000 families left homeless by last year’s hurricanes were forced to leave their federally funded hotel rooms.

With her back to the boarded-up St. Bernard Housing Development, Sheehan criticized President Bush’s response to the storms, saying, “Everyone in America needs to come down here and see how unsafe, how insecure he’s made our world.”

Ok, first off, we can drop the “anti-war activist” moniker since it’s obvious she’s just a “blame Bush for everything activist”. Secondly, she’s now blaming Bush for making New Orleans unsafe when she was the very person who, on September 16th, 2005, demanded that Bush:
“pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans…”

Another day in the land of trying-to-have-it-both-ways-liberalism.

And for what it’s worth, maybe it’s high time we start asking why so many capable adults who have been living off the government till for almost 5 months haven’t been able to secure some alternate housing, employment or other accommodations. Perhaps therein lies part of the answer as to why Hurricane Katrina appeared so devastating. Too many of the victims were living the entitlement life and weren’t prepared to actually face life without a federal handout. Probably also why we hear so much about the problems in New Orleans and hear virtually nothing about the victims in Mississippi and Alabama. Either that or the MSM just hates white people.
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