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Get Off Your Butts and Work!
February 23rd, 2006 1:02 am

From the Houston Chronicle:

New Orleans doesn’t want its poorest residents back¬†- “unless they agree to work.” That was the message from three New Orleans City Council members who said government programs have “pampered” the city’s residents for too long.

It’s always nice to hear folks speak the truth without trying to sanitize it for the sake of political correctness. Maybe, just maybe, this had something to do with why so many relied on the government to take care of them during the storm… and then why so many blamed the government when it couldn’t handle the load. As always, LaShawn hits the nail on the head:

What Hurricane Katrina proved was not how racist America was or how its poor got left behind. It proved that generational government dependency has rendered poor black communities helpless and unable to think and plan for themselves.

Thank you. Of course, the moment the government started doling out the cash, they quickly used it for the necessities in life: Strippers and Casinos

“We don’t need soap opera watchers right now,” said New Orleans City Council President Oliver Thomas, during a housing committee meeting. “We’re going to target the people who are going to work. It’s not that I’m fed up, but that at some point there has to be a whole new level of motivation, and people have got to stop blaming the government for something they ought to do.”

I just wish the New Orleans City Council would’ve been this motivated and politically incorrect BEFORE the storm hit New Orleans. Perhaps if more of the able-bodied New Orleans’ residents got off their butts and went to work, there wouldn’t be 100,000 of them in my hometown complaining about their freebies running out. The problem that arises with the NOCC’s newfound backbone is that those unwilling to work for their handouts in New Orleans are simply not being welcomed back home… which means they keep their laziness (and crime) in Houston.

I’m all for helping those in need, but Jerry Maguire summed it up pretty well

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