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French riotsWant to know how the socialist-leaning U.S. Democrat party of today would benefit our country? Take a look at France and you’ll get a glimpse.

They’ve got laws on the books that babysit citizens until they’re in their mid-twenties. That includes free tuition for many and an employment law that makes it virtually impossible to fire an “under 26er” from their job… no matter how poor their performance is.

It’s this employment law, and the efforts to reform such, that are fueling the violent protests in the streets of Paris. The spoiled socialist kids don’t want to lose their guaranteed jobs (imagine the mentality of a high schooler in a job he or she knew they couldn’t be fired from).

While American and British workers may view their jobs as economic contracts, Begg says, the French see them as social contracts in which employers are obliged to provide stable employment.

The funny thing about the protestors in Paris is that they’re complaining about the 22% unemployment rate of the “under 26ers” while simultaneously opposing the very reforms that could fix the unemployment problem. You see, they refuse to see the correlation between employers who choose not to hire youths in the first place — as opposed to hiring youths who they may not be able to later fire — and the high unemployment rates for those same youths.

But that’s what happens when the entitlement mentality kicks in. Once you’re hooked on the freebies, it’s hard to want to give them up. Just look what it did in our own backyard in New Orleans.

And remember the example displayed by the French protests when Socialist Hillary repeats the line from her 2004 campaign:

“We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

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