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Dick Cheney’s Hidden $6.87 Million
April 29th, 2006 8:32 pm

Well, the MSM tried to hide it.

From Hernando Today:

Let Vice President Cheney unload a hail of buckshot - and it makes mainstream media headlines as a defining moment in his failed vice presidency.

Let him file his federal tax return and it is reported by CBS News that “Cheney tops Bush in the battle of the bucks.”

Let him donate what was the largest amount of bucks in history to charity by any public servant, and you guessed it - nary a headline.

But then again it was a paltry $6.87 million, more than three-quarters of the reported income of the Cheneys.

Of the Cheney’s $8.82 million income reported, they gave $6.87 million in to charity. So Dick Cheney donates more than 78% of his income to charity and what does MSM have to say about it? Virtually nothing.

Instead, here’s a sample of headlines relating to Cheney’s tax return:

Baltimore Sun: “Cheney out-earned Bush tenfold”

Washington Post/The Oregonian: “CHENEY AND HALLIBURTON”

NPR: “Cheney’s $1.9 Million Tax Refund”

CBS: “Cheney Tops Bush In Battle Of Bucks”

L.A. Times: “Bush Pays Taxes, Cheney Awaits Refund”

But back in 1999, Al and Tipper Gore donated just 6.7% of their reported income to charity and CNN runs the headline:

“Clintons, Gores release income tax returns - Gore’s charitable giving rises

But really, is anyone surprised?

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