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Six Degrees of Stupidity
May 23rd, 2006 9:37 am

Just in time for the kickoff of the 2006 campaign season, the media is padding some Hurricane Katrina statistics to give the finger-pointers some more ammunition.

Deaths of evacuees push toll to 1,577
Out-of-state victims mostly elderly, infirm

The first stories of death came quickly and immediately: New Orleans area residents drowning in fetid floodwaters, succumbing in sweltering attics or being swept out to sea.

But state officials say that for weeks after it made landfall Aug. 29, Hurricane Katrina kept claiming Louisiana victims, often in more subtle fashion and often in other states: elderly and ill evacuees too fragile for grueling trips on gridlocked highways, infants stillborn to mothers who were shuttled to other cities when they should have been on bed rest and residents overcome with anxiety by 24-hour television broadcasts of the devastation back home.

Seems to me we could just as well consider these “anxiety” deaths a result of the MSM-generated hysteria that was later shown to be total and complete BS.

And other stories of death they blame on Katrina…

At 81, her aunt, Rita Parker, wasn’t the picture of perfect health. Parker had bronchitis and was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. But O’Neil and another of Parker’s nieces, Jo Ann Owen, said their aunt was nowhere near gravely ill… But after 20-plus hours in a car fleeing Katrina — with stops in Florida, Georgia and, finally, Oklahoma — Parker was beginning to wear, O’Neil said. Her aunt was glued to television coverage about the storm. Things seemed to worsen when they got the news that two family homes had been destroyed. Parker refused to eat and drink and became lethargic.

She was hospitalized in Oklahoma City on Sept. 4 and died six days later. Doctors said her breathing problems put a strain on her heart.


Most of the out-of-state dead reported so far were elderly people. But the ages range from an infant who survived only 45 minutes after birth in Pennsylvania, to a 104-year-old woman who died in North Carolina. The vast majority, 82 percent, died of natural causes. Twenty seven of the deaths were deemed accidental. At least two suicides are included in the official count.

If they were from “natural causes” doesn’t that by its very definition mean it wasn’t a result of the Hurricane?

and the suicides?

In addition, Cataldie said, it’s quite possible that some evacuees had no access to essential prescription medication while away from home, and their wait turned fatal. Cataldie said he fielded a call from relatives of one man who committed suicide after he spent days without medication.

Really? That’s interesting considering there’s a friggin’ Walgreens on just about every street corner in Houston.


That’s where the National Guard airlifted Shirley Richard, 87, after she rode out Katrina at Metairie Manor nursing home. Richard refused to evacuate before the storm, said her sister, Mary Marino.

Marino said she was shocked the second week in September to receive a telephone call from San Antonio informing her that Richard had been hospitalized there. She flew to Texas and spent three days with her sister, until Richard died Sept. 14.

Richard had been ill before the storm with colitis and congestive heart failure. But she was determined to stay alive to comfort Marino, who was still grieving the death of a son a few years ago, Marino said.

I wonder if they’re also including murder victims in their stats of “hurrice-related” deaths. Because we all know that New Orleans wouldn’t have seen a single murder if not for the storm. Bottom line, the number of deaths in New Orleans around the time of the hurricane really showed no “catastrophic” increase, so there has to be some post-game analysis to see how many unrelated deaths can be retroactively attributed to the storm.

And of course, I’m sure they’ll all be attributed back to President Bush… because we all know now it was 100% his fault.

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