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al-Reuters Goes “CBS” on Beirut
August 6th, 2006 7:36 am

They’re faking photos in Beirut. Of course, they blame it on rogue “photoshoppers” in their ranks:

“…editing software was improperly used on this image. A corrected version will immediately follow this advisory. We are sorry for any inconvience.”

Inconvenience? This is more than just an inconvenience, this is the eroding foundation of journalism in advancement of terror-supporting propaganda.

Now, review their blaming apology with their official review policy (hat tip: Michelle):

“Our policy is to send news to our customers only after scrutiny by a group of production editors who ensure quality standards are maintained across all our news services. When we get something wrong, our policy is to be honest about errors and to correct them promptly and clearly.”

This wasn’t about just “getting something wrong”, like reporting the wrong weather conditions or misspelling a name… this was about actively creating something wrong with full knowledge, by virtue of the creation itself, that it was not correct.

Crash and burn, MSM… crash and burn.

UPDATE: al-Reuters has dropped the photographer, Adnan Hajj, who doctored the photos. Though I’m betting the production editors who let his work slide by won’t see any punishment. Hajj will likely serve as al-Reuters’ mea culpa and allow them to claim “problem resolved” while they continue to use other foreign stringers like Hajj to stage other stories.

For what it’s worth, the photographer, Hajj, was present in the questionable Qana event as well.

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