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As if it weren’t bad enough that Democrats were challenging rules that would require voters prove their identity before casting ballots, now one Democrat is trying to turn the electoral process into a scratch-off lottery game.

If the measure passed, election officials would assign a number to each voter who casts a ballot in a state election. The state commission that oversees the Arizona lottery would then hold a public drawing to pick a winner, with the prize money coming from unclaimed lottery prizes.

If simply voting for a candidate that may or may not directly impact a voters’ life is motivation enough to commit fraud, imagine what throwing a million dollar prize into the mix will do to that motivation…

On top of that, while you may have more votes cast, they’re cast by people who normally wouldn’t vote, but are just showing up to play the lottery, and that’s not going to help improve the state of our elected representation. But considering who normally wastes their money on lottery tickets, it’s not surprising a Democrat would come up with such a plan.

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