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The Nutroots Brace for Another Loss
August 8th, 2006 11:29 am

Having staked their entire movement on the Lieberman/Lamont race, it appears Daily “Screw Them” Kos is feeling the heat of polls showing a Lieberman resurgence. Suddenly, Kos and compatriots over at MyDD are trying to distance themselves from the spotlight they so proudly sought in this race.

To me, it’s insulting and rude to the real heroes of the Lamont effort — win or lose — who have done ALL the work. I didn’t make a single phone call, I didn’t walk a single precinct, I didn’t lick any envelopes, or staffed an information booth at the local farmer’s market.

No, but you did appear in his commercials, hosted Lamont at your annual meeting, and had more than 250 posts supporting him on your site.

I wrote about the race and suddenly people want to give this blog (and me) all sorts of credit/blame. Only the laziest of lazy reporters and pundits can lay this at the feet of me or any other blogger.

Sounds like some hedging to me.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Nutroots are up to their old tricks. Lieberman’s campaign website has been hacked today.

UPDATE: Lieberman has conceded. No doubt the Kos kids will now try to reclaim the spotlight they were hastily trying to abandon earlier. (Hey, at least they’re not 0 for 20 now) Lieberman will now make it a 3-way race and undoubtedly pull some Democrats to his Independent campaign. This ought to leave the race wide open for a Republican to mobilize the base and beat them both.

UPDATE 2: Kathryn sums it up best: “If the best the “netroots” can do is a 51-49 (in essence a draw) in CT of all places, this could be fizzling more than an Illudium Q-38 Explosive Space Modulator.”

UPDATE 3: RealClearPolitics: “And as much as mainstream Democrats may try to downplay this result as a Connecticut issue, the rejection of a three-term Senator who was the party’s VP nominee only six years ago will have repercussions throughout the country and they don’t help the Democratic Party.”

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