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The Rumsfeld Strategy
September 1st, 2006 11:08 am

No, I’m talking about a strategy from Rumsfeld, I’m referring to a strategy about Rumsfeld.

I noticed a meme emerging on the Left with respect to Rumsfeld’s speech Monday to the American Legion. My liberal friend (yes, I have a few tokens), Rick, called Rumsfeld’s speech “laughably un-American” while praising Keith Olberman’s laughably biased report about it.

Not only was Rumsfeld’s speech not as hyperpartisan as the Left is portraying it, but they may be intentionally distorting it as part of a larger campaign strategy.

Tim Chapman sums it up well:

The fact that this whole charade is being orchestrated by Rahm Emanuel, the man charged with winning back Congress for the Dems this fall, is very telling.

The Political Pit Bull says it best in response to Nancy Pelosi’s claim that Decmorats are going to fight Republicans on national security:

And by “fight them on national security,” she apparently means that Democrats are going to attack Donald Rumsfeld rather than offer an actual national security plan of their own.

Of course. Did you expect anything less? After 5 years of unsuccessfully attacking the President, they have to change strategy. It’s just unfortunate for them they don’t learn to change tactics.

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