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Capital Punishment for Gays…
September 13th, 2006 6:01 pm

Harvard invites the leader of one of the world’s foremost terror-loving countries and he advocates capital punishment for homosexuals… and the liberal Left is silent (hat tip: Allah).

In response to another question, Khatami also justified his country’s use of capital punishment for acts of homosexuality, but said that the conditions for execution are so strict that they are “virtually impossible to meet.”

“Homosexuality is a crime in Islam and crimes are punishable,” Khatami said. “And the fact that a crime could be punished by execution is debatable.”

The audience responded with silence to his remark.

But let a Republican get misinterpreted mentioning gays and fruits in the same sentence and all hell breaks loose.

Nice consistency ya got goin’ on there, folks.

Update: A commenter over at HotAir nails it:

The Left will allow any atrocity by the animals of the world so long as they throw in “Bush Sucks” or “America is he Great Satan”, to the moonbats this absolves them of all other trangression.

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