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Right on cue, the Democrats seized on the opportunity to blame yet another Clinton administration failure on the man left holding the bag when Bubba skipped town with the White House silverware. Sharing their talking points with Iran, Democrats complained that the Iraq war was the reason North Korea had nuclear weapons to test.

Democratic Sen. John Kerry, the president’s rival in 2004 and a potential 2008 candidate, assailed Bush’s policy as a “shocking failure,” and said, “While we’ve been bogged down in Iraq where there were no weapons of mass destruction, a madman has apparently tested the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.”

How ironic, coming from the same man who declared, in 2003, that “the threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real, but it is not new.” Were you lying then, or are you lying now?

…and then there’s Joe Biden:

“The Bush Administration’s policy of malign neglect of North Korea was based on the false assumption that the DPRK would solve our problem by collapsing,” said Senator Biden. “Once again, the Administration has made a colossal misjudgment on a matter vital to our national security.”

Funny he should mention the “gamble” of banking on NK’s collapse. Here’s an article from April, 2000 about gambling on NK’s collapse:

The Clinton administration gambled that construction would take so long that North Korea would collapse politically and economically before the reactors were put in place, Downs said.

And here’s what Biden said about that failure…

“Six years ago, the United States was on the verge of launching a preemptive air strike against North Korea’s nuclear facilities. Two years ago, North Korea launched a long-range missile over Japan. Today, through patient diplomacy backed by strong military deterrence, the political landscape on the Korean Peninsula is being transformed more quickly than anyone thought possible,” Biden said.

But suddenly you put an (R) next to the President’s name and the “patient diplomacy” is now a “colossal misjudgement”. Predictable inconsistency.

In fact, the North Korean problem had crossed a point of no return before Bush took the oath of office. (Again, this report is from April, 2000)

North Korea’s nuclear production capacity will increase from a dozen nuclear bombs a year to 65 a year by 2010, thanks in large part to American taxpayer money, two renowned U.S. nuclear scientists told congressional leaders last week.

North Korea observers have long suspected the communist dictatorship is using Western humanitarian aid to starving North Koreans to feed Kim Jong Il’s million-man army.

But an aid policy initiated by the Clinton administration in the mid-1990s to finance two light water nuclear reactors in North Korea puts the isolated communist country on the fast track in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, William R. Graham and Victor Gilinsky told members of the House Policy Committee.

North Korea’s missile proliferation has accelerated dramatically since the Clinton-Gore administration began giving aid to the regime in 1994.

There were no known No-dong missile sales abroad until after the United States signed the so-called Agreed Framework with North Korea,” House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s North Korea advisory group reported.

A Congressional report from 1999 declared that “the comprehensive threat posed by North Korea to our national security has increased since 1994.” The same report found:

The United States has replaced the Soviet Union as a primary benefactor of North Korea. The United States now feeds more than one-third of all North Koreans, and the U.S.-supported KEDO program supplies almost half of its HFO needs. This aid frees other resources for North Korea to divert to its WMD and conventional military programs.

And that was 1999! Yet somehow, as always, George W. Bush was such an omnipotent - yet bumbling - force on Earth, he was able to cause North Korea to obtain nuclear weapons a full 2 years before he became President.

Amazing. The only thing missing from these Democrat speeches today is, “I’m Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and I approved this message.”

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