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The Show Me (voter fraud) State
October 18th, 2006 2:10 pm

On Monday, Missouri’s Supreme Court struck down a law that would require voters to show identification before casting a ballot.

Of course, Democrats trotted out the same old tired line that “the law would particularly burden disabled, elderly and female voters”. Harmful to female voters? Do Democrats really think females are that inept that they can’t figure out how to get an ID on their own? Doesn’t this irritate rational women? Where are the feminists on this one?

Democrats also claim that requiring all voters prove they’re legally eligible to vote amounts to a poll tax, also. But the state of Missouri provided nondrivers IDs for free.

The lawyer who brought this latest case claims the law isn’t needed simply because nobody has tried to commit fraud.

Don Downing, the lawyer who successfully challenged the law, cautioned that before any new ID regulations pass muster, the Legislature would have to prove that it is addressing a compelling state interest.

Downing said the new law fell short, in part, because Missouri has experienced no voter impersonation fraud - someone showing up at the polls and claiming to be someone else - in the past several years. “They’re trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist,” he said.

Nope… no voter fraud possible in Missouri.

St. Louis ACORN workers, who have still not been paid by the way, reveal that all of the people who were being trained at ACORN headquarters (many at the same time) were told to go out and canvas for “(Democrat) Victory 2006″ and Claire McCaskill!

It was almost exactly at this point before the 2004 elections that ACORN was caught defrauding the voter registration rolls before. It’s nothing new to the group.

And now that they’ve opened a Missouri branch…

Republicans who criticized the ruling pointed to problems with voter registration cards in St. Louis as proof that the law is needed. Officials are investigating at least 1,492 new voter registrations, including three in the names of dead people and one in the name of a 16-year-old.

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