Texas Rainmaker
It’s The Bias, Stupid
October 25th, 2006 7:44 pm

ABC News political director Mark Halperin…

…the guy that told his ABCnews staff, during the 2004 election, to go harder on President Bush than John Kerry and justify it by claiming Bush deserves it…

…and who proclaimed, “We the media love John Edwards!”

…and whose father works for George Soros…

…is finally acknowledging there is bias in the MSM.

“You know how this works, one of the things we wrote in the Note is there are no strategy calls. We’re not on the phone with Howard Dean and George Soros in the morning getting our marching orders, but the mindset at ABC, where you and I used to be colleagues at, at the other big news organizations, it’s just too focused on being more favorable to Nancy Pelosi, say, than Newt Gingrich, being more down on the Republicans’ chances than perhaps is warranted, singling out, you’re seeing here a “60 Minutes” piece about Nancy Pelosi. I don’t remember Newt Gingrich getting a piece that favorable in 1994.”

Thank you, Captain Obvious. This is like Hitler finally admitting he might not really like Jews.

The funny thing about this interview is that Halperin admits this has been going on for four decades, then says:

I think we’ve got a chance in these last two weeks to prove to conservatives that we understand their grievances, we’re going to try to do better, but these organizations still have incredible sway, and conservatives are certain that we’re going to be out to get them. We’ve got to fix that.”

Halperin claims that the biased MSM can rectify 40 years of biased reporting in just 2 weeks… 2 weeks before an election, no less.

What are they going to do, fire everybody?

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