Texas Rainmaker
Let the Excuses Begin
October 27th, 2006 1:49 pm

All I’ve heard for months now is how the Democrats are going to win big and take over control of Congress. Voters are abandoning Republicans. Republicans are toast because of scandals. Democrats are favored to control Congress. Democrats are firmly ahead.

So why then all the hedging? While the MSM is telling us Democrats will take this cycle in a landslide, they’re simultaneously trying to lay the foundation for excuses, blame and challenges should their predictions turn out as badly as the 2004 exit polls.

First, they claim some great conspiracy behind electronic voting machines. Of course, if we still had paper ballots, they’d find a way to complain about them too.

Next, they challenge the technology behind voter databases. Nothing like creating an atmosphere of fraud just before an election. Probably so that when they successfully accomplish such fraud (it was Democrats that broke into the voter database, afterall) they can project their own shenanigans on Republicans.

Then, it’s the black voters. MSM is carefully laying the proper foundation to later allege widespread disenfranchisement and Republican racism. They have good reason to.

But if Democrats are so poised to completely dominate this election cycle, as we keep hearing MSM repeat over and over… why are they hedging with stories of electronic fraud and problems with black turnout? Maybe it’s because MSM knows the real story.

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