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From KMBC:

Four people have been indicted on charges of voter fraud in Kansas City, officials said Wednesday.

Investigators said questionable registration forms for new voters were collected by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, a group that works to improve minority and low-income communities.

The four indicted — Kwaim A. Stenson, Dale D. Franklin, Stephanie L. Davis and Brian Gardner — were employed by ACORN as registration recruiters. They were each charged with two counts.

Federal indictments allege the four turned in false voter registration applications. Prosecutors said the indictments are part of a national investigation.

This is the same organization that worked with Moveon.org, and other leftwing groups, in the 2004 election to defraud the system.

And this comes on the heels of the Missouri Supreme Court striking down a law that would require voters to show identification when they tried to vote. This case is the very reason why such a law should be in place. In that case, the lawyer that successfully challenged the Voter ID law said:

Downing said the new law fell short, in part, because Missouri has experienced no voter impersonation fraud - someone showing up at the polls and claiming to be someone else - in the past several years. “They’re trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist,” he said.

I think these indictments prove the problem exists and the larger investigation shows the court that the state does have a compelling interest in requiring identification to preserve the integrity of the electoral system.

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