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Here Comes the 4th Quarter Comeback
November 5th, 2006 5:53 pm

*3 Updates*

Nevermind that the headline proclaims the Democrats could take both Houses of Congress on Tuesday… it looks like the ABC/Washington Post poll has shifted a net eight points in favor of Republicans. (hat tip: StopTheACLU)

The ABC Washington Post poll generic ballot question, two weeks ago:

10/22/06 LV
Dem - 55
Rep - 41
Other - 0
Neither - 1
Will Not Vote - *
No Opinion - 3

10/22/06 RV
Dem - 54
Rep - 41
Other - *
Neither - 1
Will Not Vote - *
No Opinion - 3

The ABC Washington Post poll, today:

11/4/06 LV
Dem - 51
Rep - 45
Other - 1
Neither - 1
Will Not Vote - *
No Opinion - 2

11/4/06 RV
Dem - 53
Rep - 43
Other - 1
Neither - 1
Will Not Vote - *
No Opinion - 3

And for what it’s worth, Jim points out that on November 6, 2004, ABC News/Washington Post had the Democrats ahead on the generic ballot, 47 percent to 42. And we know how that turned out for them.

What’s more

Bush job approval: 43%, up from 40 (Registered Voters)

Generic Likely Voter, Dem +6 (down from Dem +14)

Right Track/Wrong Track (RV): 39/59, up from 32/66

Who do you trust on Iraq (RV)? Dem 42, Rep 42, up from Dem 48, Rep 40

Party that best reflects your values (RV): Dems 48, Rep 44, up from Dems 53, Reps 37

Bottom line. This election may not reflect what MSM’s been telling us for months.

So get your butt out to the polls, if you haven’t already done so… AND VOTE!

BlueCrabBoulevard points us to the new Pew Poll showing an even bigger break towards Republicans.

Sept. 21 - Oct 4. Poll: Democrats lead by 13% among Likely Voters.

Oct. 17 - Oct. 22 Poll: Democrats lead by 11% among Likely Voters.

Nov. 1 - Nov 4 Poll: Democrats lead by 4% among Likely Voters.

Get out there and make it happen. If you can’t physically go out and help the Get Out The Vote effort, click here to sign up and make phone calls on election day!

Gallup is reporting a major shift, too:

What’s more, President Bush’s last-ditch push for votes and Sen. John Kerry’s comments that seemed to denigrate the education level of U.S. forces in Iraq have helped energize GOP voters. A Democratic advantage of 23 percentage points a month ago and 13 points two weeks ago is now down to 7.

Democrat Congressman, and chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Rahm Emanuel: “This is making me nervous.” and “I don’t know what to make of it.”

Your vote Tuesday can help convert this Democrat concern into full blown Post-Election Stress Disorder. Get out and vote!

Bottom line, there’s is only one poll that matters… on Tuesday. Let’s make it happen.

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