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Accoridng to the Philadelphia Enquirer, Dan Rather “will analyze election results with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert tonight at 11 on Comedy Central’s live, hour-long Indecision 2006 special.” It’s nice to see Dan finally recognizing his place as a satirical newsman. As Dan rightly points out:

“Certainly, one can’t cover politics and not have a sense of humor about it. Let’s face it, politics is often a theater of the absurd.”

Comedy Central is such an appropriate place for Dan Rather to be offering political analysis.

Speaking of which, coincidentally, here is another comical election day appearance by Dan…

Here’s part of the transcript:

“I think this is one of the most important elections in the history of the country. You may have to go back to the Civil War to find one that would be of greater importance. That’s just my personal opinion. It’s certainly the most important in my memory… my getting to be, long lifetime. And the partisanship, the intense partisan political, not just beat the other side or the other guy, but destroy the other side, the other guy, had led us to be a deeply divided nation.”

You mean like producing a false story about a sitting President on the eve of a national election and then continuing to promote such lies on the eve of the next election?

I got in trouble for saying this, I think on Fox once, that one of our national mottos is “United We Stand”. Well, particularly in a time of war, that’s important, doesn’t mean we don’t have our differences of opinion.

Poor old guy. Still thinks trumping up a fake story on national news to try and take down an elected President is simply a “difference of opinion”.

As Dan tells the Philly Enquirer:

“I’m hoping this old wreck of an anchorman and political reporter may yet have some wee something to contribute.”

At least he’s finally acknowledging his credentials.

And of course, he’s getting the requisite praise from the nuthouse.

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