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The Waiting Game
November 7th, 2006 6:20 pm

*Running election updates below*

Sorry for the rambling post, but I’m writing from a stream of consciousness right now….

Well, here we are on election evening awaiting the closing of the polls and the counting of the votes. I think the reality of the situation is setting in for me as I expect to wake up tomorrow to an entirely different view of Washington… and not necessarily for the better.

But, to be honest, I had this same feeling as I left my precinct as a member of the RNC’s 72 Hour Legal Task Force in 2004 and things turned out alright in the end. But that kind of luck just has to run out, doesn’t it?

The exit polls are rolling in and they look pretty bleak for Republicans. One advantage I had in 2004 was being tied up until well into the evening, so I didn’t catch the minute-by-minute projections throughout the day.

There is some positive news so far… looks like voter turnout was unprecedented. Regardless of who wins, it’s nice to see the electorate finally getting off their asses and participating in the system.

One big difference the world is bound to see, should Republicans lose big, is that it’s unlikely you’ll see mass protests and incessant whining from folks on the Right. We’ll survive, we’ll get over it, and we’ll move on with our lives.

Something I’m curious about, though, with respect to all these allegations of fraud relating to voting machines. (The allegations, of which, have been tossed around ever since Bush became President) What will Democrats say if they win this election bigtime? Will they still allege fraud? Will they call for investigations? Or will they ignore their complaints (some of which have been lodged well in advance of the election) and move along as if there’s nothing to see here? (Update: Michelle addresses this issue)

I remember the Houston Mayoral race in 2001. In the middle of election day, when the incumbent Lee “Out of Town” Brown was behind Orlando Sanchez in the exit polling, several prominent local Democrats, including city councilman Jew Don Boney (yes, that’s his name), were flooding the local television news programs with calls for Justice Department inquiries and lawsuits. They were claiming all sorts of “rampant disenfranchisement of minorities” and “discrimination.” When the night was over, Brown had actually won by about 10,000 votes. Suddenly the Democrats had no interest in the lawsuits and inquiries. But if the discrimination were so rampant and obvious, one would think the lawsuits and investigations ought to continue to insure the integrity of the election process. But no, the Democrats had no use for the courts when they’d won the election… to hell with those that were ‘disenfranchised’ and ‘discriminated’ against.

So now it’s time to sit back and watch this sporting event we call politics. The prognosticators and pundits have opined, the candidates have campaigned and the voters have voted. Now we wait for results…

I’ll try to keep up with updates here as they come in…

HotAir has an election day chatroom up and running. Can you read 1,000 words/second?

Key Senate Races

TN: Corker v. Ford - CNN Projects Corker (R) wins

MO: Talent v. McCaskill - CNN Projects McCaskill (D) wins

MT: Burns v. Tester (90%) - Tester (D) wins

VA: Allen v. Webb (99.75%)
(R) Allen - 1,162,327 (49.22%)
(D) Webb - 1,170,686 (49.58%)

Democrats must win both of the remaining 2 to win control of the Senate. If Republicans win 1 of them, they retain control.

As of 11:50 AM CDT 11/08/06, control of the U.S. Senate now comes down to the Virginia race.

MD: Steele loses (or did he?) Yep, looks like he did

CT: Lieberman wins (a referendum on Iraq? He is for it.)- Sorry, nutroots, that makes you zero-for-everything in elections. Great job!

Party control changed:
PA: Santorum out
OH: DeWine out
RI: Chafee out (this is a loss for Republicans numbers-wise, but Chafee really wasn’t a Rep anyway)

CAIR’s candidate has won in Minnesota. LGF says, “They’ll be celebrating in Gaza tomorrow.”

TX22: (Delay’s old seat) - Lampson (D) wins (43% for Sekula Gibbs is more than I expected given the fact she was a write-in candidate)

Senate: Kay Bailey wins
Governor: Rick Perry remains Gov.

AZ: Passed - English as official language

MO: Passed - Constitutional Amendment allowing Stem cell research

MO: Passed - Raise minimum wage
OH: Passed - Raise minimum wage
MT: Passed - Raise minimum wage
NV: Passed - Raise minimum wage
CO: Passed - Raise minimum wage

SC: Passed - Ban same-sex marriage
TN: Passed - Ban same-sex marriage
VA: Passed - Ban same-sex marriage
WI: Passed - Ban same-sex marriage
ID: Passed - Ban same-sex marriage
CO: Passed - Ban same-sex marriage
SD: Passed - Ban same-sex marriage
AZ: Failing 51-49 (99%) - Ban same-sex marriage

MI: Passed - Prop 2 (Restrict Affirmative Action Quotas)

CO: Failed - Legalize marijuana
NV: Failed - Legalize marijuana

CA: Failing 54-46 (89%) - Parental Notification
OR: Failed - Parental Notification

CA: Failed - Prop 87 (Tax on oil companies)

Is it just me, or do the yahoos on CNN seem breathlessly excited about the Dem pickups? What media bias?

Am I the only one staying awake to watch this tonight?

I’m starting to sense that this election isn’t a major win for the Left, as the Democrats that seem to be picking up seats are more on the conservative end of the party. But I think this is a wakeup call to the Republicans who’ve been in control. Namely, stop acting like Democrats. Stop uncontrolled spending. Get serious about border security and illegal immigration.

Of course, the bright side to possibly (it’s gone) losing the House is that America will have two years of enduring Speaker of the House Pelosi, Ways and Means Committee Chair Charlie Rangel, Judiciary Committee Chair John Conyers and more, before the very important Presidential election of 2008. I don’t think conservative Americans are going to like what they see.

One thing you won’t see this time around is the angry, bitter reactions to this election by Republicans that you saw in the prior elections by the Left. The Right will be gracious in defeat. That’s just who we are. (Of course, that won’t stop the angry, bitter Lefties from remaining angry and bitter even while winning)

And no sooner did I say this, did Dean Barnett post this:

We still have a puncher’s chance of withholding the Senate; maybe inner-city St. Louis will break for Talent. Maybe Old Man Conrad will make a comeback. Additionally, the Allen camp is insisting that some numbers have been transposed by the networks and that Allen is actually winning. Regardless, let’s be honest enough with ourselves to admit that this has been a dreadful night, regardless of the result of the unendurably execrable Allen-Webb campaign.

Let’s be sure to comport ourselves with dignity and class right now. No shrieks of foulplay, no whining. There’s no crying in politics, at least not in public. Let’s remember what we want to do more than anything else - better our country. Sore loser antics won’t help, and neither will slagging on our countrymen for not seeing things the way we did. We didn’t make the sale, and that falls on us.

Losing is part of politics. Part of the Republican Party has forgotten that the past six years. Although it might be hard to see tonight, we can be a better party and a better country because of this setback.

With that I bid you a heartfelt goodnight, and turn things over to our West Coast bureau.

A Tapscottian View of the Elections: “When Republicans worry more about staying in government than about limiting government, they get thrown out of government.”

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