Texas Rainmaker
A New Day
November 8th, 2006 7:39 am

The nice thing about bad days is that they always come to an end. You go to sleep, wake up, and we enjoy the magnificence of a bright new day. There was lots of talk last night of bipartisanship, working together, taking on a more peaceful rhetoric in Washington. I’m skeptical. That’s the promise every year, but no sooner have these politicians won this election, today begins the next campaign cycle. You guys want to improve the tone in Washington? You really want to insure Congress becomes an effective legislative body? Here are 4 non-partisan things to get you started:

1. Start with term limits. End politics-as-a-career.

2. Reduce Congressional salaries to no more than the average salary from your district. You want higher pay? Work hard to help your district raise its income.

3. Enact legislation on yourself before making America endure it. If you can tolerate your own legislation being imposed on you for at least 2 years, then we might consider it worthy legislation. If you can’t tolerate it, why would you think we would?

4. Find a way to fix the voting systems. You have 2 years before the next major election. You have no excuses. Restore confidence in our electoral system so we don’t endure long, drawn out recounts, tiresome litigation and questions surrounding the validity of results.

Now, get moving. You only have a few minutes before the next campaign season starts.

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