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*Update: Rumsfeld is Out, Robert Gates is In*

Any guesses on what it will be? Some options…

1. Rumsfeld is out.
2. Bush has decided not to run for re-election. ;)
3. Bush has decided to cut-and-run from Iraq.
4. Osama has been captured.
5. Nothing significant, just another lame teaser for another underwhelming announcement.
6. Nancy Pelosi has offered her resignation due to an unfolding page-sex scandal.
7. Justice Stevens is retiring and Bush is going to nominate Rick Santorum to replace him.
8. Strike is being launched against North Korea or Iran.

It’s the Rumsfeld option. He’s “stepping down“.

President of Texas A&M University, Robert Gates will replace him. I’m curious about the Gates decision, given his involvement in Iran-Contra. Gates does come out of the Baker-Hamilton Commission, something the Democrats have been championing… so this could be a bit of strategy on Bush’s part, knowing it will be hard to Democrats to beat up on him too much for that reason.

Why didn’t Bush nominate Lieberman? He’s pro-war and he’d leave a vacancy in the Senate that the Republican Governor of CT could fill.

StoptheACLU has video of the press conference.
SisterToldjah thinks it’s a concession to incoming Queen.

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